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IU Wanted One of Jung Yong Hwa’s Songs For Herself

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IU has recently revealed a hidden story behind one of Jung Yong Hwa‘s songs in CNBLUE‘s newest album.

During CNBLUE’s comeback show “Can’t Stop” that aired on March 2, IU mentioned that she wanted Jung Yong Hwa’s “Like A Child.”

With a smile, she remarked, “After listening to just the guide version, I asked for the song. But he wouldn’t give it to me and put it in his own album instead. It’s sad. I wanted to sing that song.”

Jung Yong Hwa responded to IU’s comment and said, “IU and I listen to each others’ music a lot so I let her listen to that song.” He said that he decided to put “Like A Child” into the album after seeing IU react positively to it.

Jung Yong Hwa also shared the special story behind how he came to write that song. “CNBLUE built a school in Burkina Faso and we saw pictures of the children there, smiling. I thought, if people go back to being like a child, they will be happy like they’re in heaven.”

'Like a Child' remind me of this
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Source: Soompi
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