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Dispatch gives fashion advice based on weather


[STARCAST - What should I wear this week?] What is a way to dress for freezing weather in early spring of my man?

‘What should I wear this week’ that ‘STARCAST’ prepared, the first week of March is men fashion. We have prepared the suit that matches matriculation ceremony to warm look to prepare for the freezing weather in early spring.

The spring, spring, spring that we have all been waiting for is here. You guys had a sore throat last week because of the tiny dust that came from China last week, right? It was a weather in which we were even afraid of opening the window. Fortunately, because of the wind that blew on Sunday, it is said that the level of tiny dust this week will fall to ‘average’.

On Monday, there is an event that is worth paying attention to. There is matriculation ceremony. It is also a day in which everyone is more concerned about the outfits. On this day, the highest temperature of Seoul is expected to be 11 degrees Celsius. It is a weather in which it will be okay to dress light only if we can bear the morning temperature.

However, the weather will eventually fall after Wednesday. It is said that the difference in temperature between day and night is also big. It will be easy to catch cold if we dress lightly by trusting the afternoon sunlight. It is a week in which there are lots of small and big things to worry about, right? If you guys don’t know what to wear, how about we refer to the fashion of the stars?


▶ Monday, March 3rd ㅣ Lowest 1 degree below zero, highest 11 degrees, clear and warm (Based on Seoul) : The level of tiny dust will fall to average. The highest temperature in Seoul during the day is expected to be 11 degrees above zero. It will be slightly cloudy in the morning but it is expected to be clear in the afternoon.


Suggestion ① Layered&Jacketㅣ It is matriculation ceremony. Is everyone planning to simply wear a suit? It can look like you secretly wore your father’s suit. In times like this, everyone can dress like G-Dragon. When wearing a jacket to a layered look, the preppy look will be completed.

Your sense will be doubled if you match the tone. Unify the color by matching blue-colored shirt and denim. You guys are saying isn’t it not blue-blue fashion? G-Dragon layered white twisted knitted sweater. To this, when wearing a tight navy jacket in which the gold buttons stand out, you will be chosen as the best dresser in matriculation ceremony.


Suggestion ② No tie suit look ㅣ Are you guys saying you guys still want to wear suits since you guys became fully grown-up adults? Then, do not wear a tie like Taecyeon. Instead, wear a white shirt with broad collars and fasten the buttons until the top. The no-tie look that never ever feels empty will be completed.

Unifying the colors is possible also in the suit look. Wear a white shirt to navy slim fit suit and wear the sneakers with a same color. A white shirt and sneakers is a basic item that can be easily found. However, it can be an excellent point when applying to suits.


▶ Tuesday, March 4th ㅣ Lowest 0 degrees, Highest 10 degrees, very cloudy : The temperature in the morning will be below zero. It is expected to be recovered to above zero in the afternoon. It is the day in which there is huge difference in temperature between day and night.


Suggestion ① Stadium jacketㅣIt is the second day of school. If you guys want to show how you guys became different during the vacation, then how about a stadium jacket like Henry from ‘SuperJunior M’? It matches well with every clothes. It even has the advantage of looking chic based on colors.

A stadium jacket is a perfect match with a hood zip-up. It will be all good when wearing a hood when it suddenly gets windy or starts to rain. It is hitting two birds with a single stone as it allows avoiding the rain but also highlights the style. If a stripe is added to the end of the jacket, it will look a little more refined.


Suggestion ② Padding vest ㅣOn the days in which the difference in temperature between day and night is big, the clothes that can be easily worn and taken off is the best, just like Minho from ‘SHINee’. It will be good when wearing a man-to-man t-shirt and a padding vest in the morning in which the temperature falls below zero. It is not going to be that uncomfortable when having it in hands in the warm afternoon.

One more thing, try matching high top shoes to rolled up denim jeans. It can make the legs look longer and make the height look taller. It will become a naughty fashion when wearing the snapback backwards. This fashion is the best when you happened to not get a chance to wash your hair. It looks like it is going to be better if you carry around a scarf also.


▶ Wednesday, March 5th ㅣ Lowest 1 degree, Highest 6 degrees, will clear up after the cloudy weather : A cloudy weather is expected to continue from the morning. For that reason, the weather in the afternoon is expected to be a little lower than the day before.


Suggestion ① Leather rider jacket ㅣA leather jacket and a trench coat is the best dress-up item in between the changing seasons. Especially, the leather jacket shows chicness even without extra styling. It matches perfectly with men.

CHANYEOL from ‘EXO’ added a point to all-black look with a leather rider jacket. Everyone think of the color black when thinking of leather, right? However, the color brown that CHANYEOL chose matches well with every clothes. He raised the characteristics of maintaining the heat by slightly adding stripe fabric to the shoulder part. Putting his hair back also makes him give off the vibe of a real man.


Suggestion ② Ripped jeans& Hip hop point lookㅣIn this spring, ‘Destroyed jeans’, using fashion vocabulary, is expecting to be popular. It is the best when it is ripped to the point where it completely exposes the knee rather than being slightly ripped. We can expect how adults will react but we have to rip to look cool.

To ripped jeans, a simple top is the best. It can easily be ‘Too Much’ when top and bottom are both strong. A jacket to a hood zip-up is the best, just like Jonghyun. If it might look a little boring, tie a plaid shirt around the waist. It is a style that is popular among idol groups recently.


▶Thursday, March 6th | Lowest 3 degrees below zero, Highest 5 degrees, clear: A freezing weather in early spring will arrive. It will record the lowest temperature of 3 degrees and highest of 5 degrees in Seoul. The rapid drop in temperature, everyone should make sure to prepare for it properly.


Suggestion ① White padding&Patterned scarfㅣIt might be boring but there is nothing we can do about it. We have to take out the padding jacket once more. In the season in which a severe flu is widespread, thin clothing is an enemy of flu. At this moment, it can reduce the feeling of looking uncomfortable when choosing a bright padding jacket.

Lee Jong Suk wore a padding jacket with a length in which it covers the butt. Instead, he wore thin cotton t-shirt inside. It completes the formal padding look when wearing ripped jeans, which is popular these days, and black sneakers. Are you guys saying it is boring? Add a point with a scarf that has patterns.


Suggestion ② Pastel-colored coat &pantsㅣ Are you guys saying you guys are still going to give off a spring vibe no matter how cold it is? Then, wear like Jang Hyun Seung from ‘BEAST’. It is a refreshing light blue coat. I guess this is a way to avoid the cold weather in a vivid way. Are you guys saying ‘I am a man’? Throw away the stereotypes. The popular color this spring is no doubt vivid colors.

With just bright outer clothing, we are not afraid of the freezing weather in early spring at all. It can also show off lively charm when wearing printed t-shirts as an inner wear. For pants, wear the ones with a length that shows the ankles. Pay attention to socks also. It is even better when adding a point with socks that has colorful patterns.


▶Friday, March 7th | Lowest 3 degrees below zero, Highest 7 degrees, a little cloudy : The weather is going to be a little cold and cloudy. It might be a little more freezing as it is cloudy. The lowest temperature in Seoul is 3 degrees below zero and the highest will be 7 degrees above zero. It will go back and forth between below zero and above zero.


Suggestion ① Military look&Long boots ㅣT.G.I.F! It is fiery Friday. It is the day in which we starts to naturally search for a club look. We recommend Jang Keun Suk’s military look. The long coat that has epaulet gives off the charisma just by wearing it. Metallic buttons and zipper details even add well-refined beauty.

The so-called hard tack pants matches perfectly with military style coat. It will become a way too obvious style when wearing sneakers to this. A fiery Friday better be special, right? Wear loose boots like Jang Keun Suk. It is worth giving a try for a fiery day, right?


Suggestion ② Snapback&Naughty t-shirt ㅣ We recommend chic naughty look. Unify in black from head to toe, because men’s black is chic. It will be good when wearing a snapback to this, just like U-Know from ‘TVXQ!’. But, having a little bit of hair on top of forehead is important.

It does not matter if man-to-man t-shirt happens to be fancy. The truth is, black look is a little boring. The printing that is on man-to-man could be one and only point. It will be good when an inner fabric happens to be thick to prepare for the temperature difference between day and night. A chic naughty look will be completed when matching gray walker to tight black pants.

Written by=Song Eun Joo(Dispatch)
Pictures=Dispatch DB
Source: starcast

fyi the captions on pictures are translated in the article!
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