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Vixx TV Episode 80, aka Hongbin's Sass face episode and Extra Extra: Leo to Do Musical

[Read Below for details]

leo cast in musical “full house” information

Hello Starlights, this is the ST★FF.

We are informing you of the news of Leo’s casting in a musical.

Name of Musical: Full House
Name of Character: Lee Youngjae

*You can check the schedule of his participation on the show’s homepage in the future.

We ask for Starlights’ support for Leo who will be facing a new challenge as ‘Lee Youngjae’.

Thank you :)

Source: RealVixx
Translation: FYeah-Vixx

I'm personally a little shocked by the news of Leo doing and actually agreeing to do a musical just because I didn't think he would want to do anything that involved acting. But I wish my feline all the best. :D
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