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Star Empire screws up again: Eunjung leaves Jewelry + Will add new members and comeback!


Jewelry denied rumors of disbandment after Kim Eun Jung's withdrawal, announcing that they will make a comeback soon.

Star Empire Entertainment staff claimed that “Kim Eun Jung will leave the Jewelry because of contract termination. Jewelry will regroup with new members and make a comeback this year. They are not disbanding”.

Jewelry first debuted with Discovery in 2001, and with the withdrawal of Jung Yoo Jin and Jung Eun Mi, Jo Min Ah and Seo In Young joined original members Lee Ji Hyun and Park Jung Ah to bring the group to stardom.

Lee Ji Hyun and Jo Min Ah”s withdrawal after a few years led to a new Jewelry with the addition of Ha Joo Yeon and Kim Eun Jung; in 2011, Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young announced their withdrawal, allowing Jewelry to receive Park Se Mi and Kim Yewon.

1. [+855, -11] They used to be so popular back then, I guess even Jewelry is over now

2. [+784, -11] No words for this company

3. [+742, -8] Poor Jewelry... so popular back then but nowadays, kids don't even know who they are

4. [+614, -13] Wow, Jewelry was so popular.. now the only member with popularity left is Seo In Young. A pity because Kim Eunjung's a good singer.

5. [+520, -5] Why do they change members so much..

6. [+135, -2] Jewelry's been over since Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young left

7. [+132, -3] It would've been better for the group to have a 'beautiful end' when Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young left instead of dragging the team on with different members.

8. [+113, -1] Upsets me so much to see Star Empire not able to utilize so many good talents ㅠㅠ Jewelry, Nine Muses, ZE:A... ZE:A may be doing well individually but the group itself is powerless... and in Jewelry, Yewon's the only one making a name for herself but even now, Eunjung's leaving..

9. [+99, -1] All of the Jewelry members are leaving one by one.. I heard it's because of unfair contract conditions

10. [+86, -3] The company only ever supports Kim Yewon. I can see why she'd want to leave.

sources: ohkpop + netizenbuzz

well if no one else was going to post it...
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