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Crucial Star and Sojin release MV teaser for "Three things I want to give you"

Girl’s Day member Sojin and Crucial Star recently released a teaser clip for their joint project collaboration, “Three Things I Want to Give to You.”

On March 3, Grandline Entertainment revealed the teaser clip for “Three Things I Want to Give to You” on their official YouTube channel.

Digipedi directed the music video for “Three Things I Want to Give to You” along with music videos for Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending,” Geeks’ “Wash Away” and Kim Yerim’s “Voice.”

“Three Things I Want to Give to You” is a remake of Park Hye Kyung’s original track. Interest is gathering around the track, as it is expected to follow the success of Soyou and Jungigo’s “Some.”

“Three Things I Want to Give to You” will be released on March 10!

cr: soompi; GrandlineENT
Tags: collaboration, girls day, hip hop, teaser

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