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Melody of Love releases "Ya Ya Ya" OST featuring SISTAR's Dasom!

SISTAR’s Dasom will be participating in the third theme song for the KBS daily drama “Love Rides the Song.” The “Love Rides the Song” production team revealed this on March 5, saying that the song “Ya Ya Ya,” featuring Dasom, singer Kim Tae Hyung, and various musical actors, would be released that day.

“Ya Ya Ya” is the opening title song heard during the first scene of the first episode, featuring a catchy chorus and a melody that is easy to sing along with. The song is a collaboration between Choi Chul Ho, the musical director for the dramas “Slave Hunter” and “Good Doctor,” and composer Jo Yong Hoon. Lee Sung Kwon, the president of Deohagi Media, said, “As Dasom’s first OST, the ‘Love Rides the Song’ soundtrack is garnering quite a bit of interest, showing off Dasom’s singing.”

“Love Rides the Song” is a musical drama about three families who learn to be thankful for family, and reflect on the wrongs that they’ve done to others.

cr; soompi

I know nobody but me is watching Melody of Love but I wanted to share this OST because it's Dasom first solo one and because she sounds really sweet here~

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