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SM Entertainment to shift promotions from Japan to China?

Korea Investment & Securities Co.,Ltd. on the 3rd reported that SM Entertainment (041510) (48,050원▲ 400 0.84%) corporate performance last year in Japan were poor, but this year the singers in the agency will focus on activities in China and improve their performance. The targeted stock price will be 54,000 won and the investment opinions and purchases will be maintained.

Researcher Kim Shi Woo says, "Last year the yen developed weakness and SM Japan sales decreased etc. While overseas sales also declined" and "Yen sales were at a 75 billion Yen level over the previous year where it was increased at 7% and the Won currency sales at the same length dropped 15%" he reported.

Researcher Kim also stated "Greater China's whole sales level last year was at 9% but this year is rising 20% and singers from the Chinese agency are expected to have activities that will be actively set" adding "EXO, f(x), Super Junior M, Zhang Liyin will be focused for Chinese nationwide tours, TV appearances, commercials, and modeling etc."

And to top it all off, he also expects regarding Chinese activities, "The new line up of SM C&C(048550) (3,285원▲ 50 1.55%) contents production business etc. will have an improvement in sales".

Source: Chosun
Translations: plumblossoms @ Chocolyn
Tags: exo, f(x), sm entertainment, super junior-m

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