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S.E.S comes together to show support for Bada’s comeback album

S.E.S members Bada, Eugene and Shoo has come together again.

Bada posted up new photos on her minihompy on 10th August of her taken together with Shoo and Eugene. The 2 of them had showed up at MBC Music Core to show support for Bada’s comeabck stage.

The photos show the 3 of them still very close together after their debut as group S.E.S more than 10 years ago. Bada also thanked Eugene who performed on stage together with her, “Eugene ah, thank you so much for the cool performance. Your stage manners are ‘jjang(best)’. I should learn from you too.”

And also to Shoo who showed at the dressing room back stage to Music Core, “Even though you were down with flu, you came and I was very touched. Unnie has prepared flu medicine, panacea and tiger palm at home.”

Meanwhile, Bada recently released her 4th comeback album and is promoting the title song ‘Mad’.

Source: jaeuraznmv1

Source: sookyeong
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