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~ IT'S A 100% POST ~

Rokhyun has Instagram!!!!!!

-Subbed Version-

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-Subbed Version-

Sources: rhrhrh210, 100PERSUBS

Minwoo with 100% (OT7) for the last time in a while

[100% Minwoo Giving A Salute Before Enlisting]

[100% Minwoo Enlistment, Still As Handsome No Matter What He Wears]

[Many Fans Sending 100% Minwoo Off At His Enlistment]

[At 100% Minwoo Enlistment, “Don’t cry Sanghoon-ah, Hyung Will Come Back Safely” Hugs]

[A Crying Sanghoon “Although I’ve Withdrawn From 100%, I Want To Send Minwoo-hyung Off Together”]

[100% Minwoo, “Sanghoon-ah You’re Always Our Member Even Though You’ve Withdrawn From The Group]

[100% Minwoo Enlistment “Together With The Members Till The End”]

[The Other Members Get Teary Eyed At 100% Minwoo Enlistment]

[Fans “Please Come Back Safely” At 100% Minwoo Enlistment]

[100% Minwoo Charged Up With Sugar From The Cake Prepared By The Other Members]

100% Minwoo has enlist as an active-duty soldier on 4th March afternoon at Battalion 306 Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do Prefecture.

The rest of the 100% members (Rokhyun, Hyukjin, Jonghwan, Chanyong, Changbum) were there together to send him off.

According to the company representative, “Minwoo will return after completing his duty as a Korean citizen. We hope you’ll understand and support him.”

(more pictures from the enlistment you find here)
source: Newsen, Shiroirukaze

(Click here for bigger picture)

Answer: He is the second one on the first row from left (it took me a while too)

Cr: it’s 김이츠 (I asked around, couldn't find link to original uploader)



"It’s Difficult For Idol Maknaes"…Sanghoon-Dongho’s Withdrawal Due To The Cruelty Of The Idol World

"I’ll stop the idol activities for the meantime. I want to think and consider about my future career plans. I’m thankful for the love given by the fans and I’m sorry to many people."

The group 100%’s youngest member, Sanghoon revealed that he has withdrawn from the group. His announcement shocked everyone after it has been said that 100% will be making their comeback in March.

But the fans have anticipated this. When Sanghoon didn’t appear for the group activities and took the group’s name out from his individual twitter profile, the fans foresaw his departure and were anxious after the phrase “100% Sanghoon Withdrawal” came up on the portal site search results.

The same thing happened 5 months earlier too when UKiss youngest member, Dongho withdrew from the group in October 2013. But Dongho was in the situation where he didn’t take part in the group activities for a few months before that which made fans felt uneasy and the fans were alerted about Dongho’s situation through fansites prior to his announcement of withdrawal.

Dongho’s agency announced that “Dongho will stop his entertainment activities temporarily due to his health reasons and being not suitable for the entertainment world.”

Sanghoon and Dongho are 22 years old (born in the year 1993) and 21 years old (born in the year 1994) respectively. Sanghoon debuted when he was 20 years old while Dongho debuted when he was 15 years old. Both of them were able to fulfill their dreams of leading the lives of entertainers but at the same time, they had to face the harsh reality of the entertainment world at such a young age.

They went through the tough period of being trainees and had to give up the chance to have a normal student’s life as well as couldn’t have regular meals and personal time. Both Sanghoon and Dongho went through these at an age where they needed love and care from their family.

Sanghoon and Dongho were able to live their dreams but they too faced frustration for a long time and that frustration couldn’t be solved easily. Both of them took the same solution path of withdrawing from the groups after discussions with their family members as well as with the company/agency.

There are a lot of idol group such as 100% and UKiss in the Korean entertainment world but only 100 groups or so shine on the stage and their names well-known to everyone. And out of these popular 100 groups or so, only 20-30 groups will have the chance to appear on music programs regularly. There are definitely more groups waiting to release albums and take part in these entertainment activities and the number of trainees waiting to debut is even higher.

The duration of the groups’ comebacks nowadays are getting shorter. It’s an unavoidable situation for the idol groups to keep releasing mini albums and single albums due to the fierce competition between the groups. Therefore they don’t even have much time for practice in between their comebacks. On top of that, they have to travel overseas due to their promotion schedules and thus, idol groups do not have time to relax. This might be the reason for more “next Sanghoon-Dongho” to appear in the future.

[TV Report Reporter Kim Hyena]

Netizens Comments

1. [+274, -4] If he doesn't have the talent or confidence to succeed as a celebrity, I don't thin it's a bad idea to call it quits early

2. [+159, -15] Dongho just never had the potential as a celebrity.......

3. [+56, -4] 100%????????????? Sorry. First time hearing that name..

4. [+14, -2] Nevermind Dongho, who's Sang Hoon? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 100%, a real nugu

5. [+14, -3] I honestly only noticed him from 100%..;; Did he leave because he didn't see the group getting anywhere?

6. [+13, -4] Don't worry, it was just as tragic for us having to watch your acting

7. [+9, -1] That Sang Hoon kid worked really hard on IAC, but he's leaving...? I still remember his face because he was so good at the standing jump.. Anyway, I hope he does well in whatever he wants to pursue~

8. [+6, -2] If the future of your group isn't that great, then I don't think it's a bad idea to start over again;; Especially since they're so young;;

Sources: TV Report, Shiroirukaze, Netizenbuzz

100% Revealed Shocking Teasers…Changed Completely With Smokey+Distorted Eyes

The group 100% has revealed their concept teaser images and the name of their title track on their Facebook page on 5th March.

The photos featured the members wearing distinct contact lenses and smokey makeup to create a monster-like image on one half of their faces, highlighting the stark differences with the other half of their normal faces and accentuated by their highly crumpled faces and distorted eyes which is a complete transformation from their normal images.

The title track of their new mini album portrays the light and darkness of an angry man making everyone look forward to their next image and song teasers.

100% will be making their comeback stage on the 13th March on the cable channel Mnet MCountdown show and the online version of the song will be released on the 17th March through various music sites.

source: TenAsia, Shiroirukaze

100% Revealed The Main Image For Their New Song …Transformed Into Frankenstein

The group 100% has revealed the main image for their new album through their official Facebook page on 6th March.

This image that looks like a scene from a thriller movie features 2 photos and the title track as well as a dialogue line that says “Looks Like I Can’t Leave This Place Where Time Stood Still”.

The first photo has Chanyong’s wrapped in thick chains and his wrists strapped with leather handcuffs against a smokey background. His washed-out blonde hair and his staring eyes filled with resentment leave everyone wondering about the behind story.

A close-up of Chanyong’s piercing stare in colored contact lenses that will make one go weak at the knees coupled with the scrunched up facial expressions and free hand pose in the second photo provide a stark contrast between these two photos.

The main story behind the 100% new album concept is a scene out from the story of Frankenstein, portraying both the sadness and anger of an unnamed beast who despised himself for turning into a monster after clinging onto the memories of his loved ones.

100% has released the image teasers of the members’ 2 different half-human half-beast faces on the 5th March and continuing from there, Chanyong’s story has been revealed in this main image teaser. This leaves everyone wondering what kind of story will the other members have in the upcoming teasers.

100% is scheduled to kick-start their promotion activities for this song on 13th March on the cable channel Mnet MCountdown show.

source: TenAsia, Shiroirukaze

They won one round with that performance and it's their first time being without Niel from Teen Top!!

Source: maltesers eugine, jv4ch3
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