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WINNER being cute

Nii 2014 Spring Heart Campaign



Interview on Shukan Josei Magazine (scans were already posted here)


Kang Seung Yoon (20); Leader, Vocal
From a famous Korean Audition program and got an explosive popularity. Debuted as a solo singer last summer.

Nam Taehyun (19); Vocal
The youngest picked an American artist Jean Michel Basquiat as his most respected person.

Lee Seung Hoon (22); Rapper

He picked G-Dragon as his role model. “In terms of music, fashion, etc, there’s a lot I can learn from him.”

Song Mino (20); Rapper
He got into Hip Hop and wanted to be a rapper since elementary school.

Kim Jinwoo (22); Vocal
He respects a lot of artists which inspires him to become a singer. His goal is “I want to be like a diamond”.

Talking about the members


Seung Yoon and Taehyun: “We have said this before on our TV program (Winner TV); we are not awkward at all! (laughs)"

Taehyun on Seung Yoon: “He nags a lot. I think it can’t be helped since he is the leader (laughs). He always thinks about the members and guides our group so we’ll become better.”

Seung Yoon on Taehyun: “He always thinks deeply about everything. Even though he is the youngest, he’s really mature. There’s a lot of things I can learn from him.”


Mino on Jinwoo: “He’s gentle and cute (laughs). Even though he’s the oldest, he’s a natural airhead; the type that makes other people want to look after him. That way, slowly a lot of women will be drawn to him, won’t they? Well, except for his snoring … (laughs)

Jinwoo on Seung Hoon: “Seung Hoon is a bundle of talent. When we are planning our performances, he is our core. It can’t be done without him. He diligently explains it to our manager and staff in Japanese. “

Seung Hoon on Mino: “A person with a gap in personality on stage and off stage. Onstage, I can feel his weirdness or charisma but offstage he is really interesting and funny. He has a really strong sense of justice and he always thinks about his friends.”

Q: Where would you want to go if you went out with a girl in spring?

Seung Hoon: ”I want to go to the beach.”
Jinwoo: ”I want to go to Tokyo-tower. I want to try it again (laughs).”
Mino:”Kawagoe! I’ve been there during WINNER TV though and I want to go for a walk again!”
Seung Yoon: ”I want to have a picnic under the cherry blossoms.”
Taehyun:”I want to go for a walk in the park and go shopping.”

Talking about the tour

Seung Yoon: “It was the first time I experienced standing in front of so many people.”
Jinwoo: “I saw from the stage that the fans were cheering for us by yelling ”WINNER~!!”and holding boards with our names.That made me really happy.”
Seung Hoon: “It was like a dream. We couldn’t sleep well the day before we went to Japan. Since it was our, except Seung Yoon’s, first time going abroad, we felt more nervous about getting on the plane than standing on the stage. (laughs)
Mino: During the tour, BIGBANG sunbae sometimes appeared on ‘WINNER TV’. They taught us how to do well on TV.
Seung Yoon: Of course,we learned from them how to play well on the stage!

Q: I heard WINNER TV was filmed in many cities around Japan. What is your most impressive story?

Taehyun: The surprise concert on the street in Shibuya. I felt more nervous than the concert in Seibu-dome held the day before (laughs). And Kobe-beef was so nice.
Jinwoo: The filming around Tokyo tower. Although Tokyo tower was very near to the hotel we stayed in, it took more time than I expected to get there (laughs).
Mino: For me, it was Sapporo. We filmed sledding, skiing and snowboarding and we enjoyed it a lot. After that, I felt stiff.
Seung Hoon: Mino was really good at snowboarding. Although he often bragged that ‘I’m the best!’, he’d never exceeded my expectations. I finally recognized him this time (laughs).

And they told us that they wanted to go Yomiuri land, Arima hot springs and Kawagoe again.

Q: What kind of TV program do you want to appear next?

Taehyun: I want to perform in Japanese music programs. So, we have to improve the level of our music and performance skill.
Seung Yoon: Our strong point is that we are able to write lyrics, compose music and plan performances by ourselves. Like BIGBANG sunbae, we want to be a big group loved by any kind of people.  And, we want to debut in Japan and then go on a dome tour. That’s our goal!

Sources: TeamAces ksyupdates

These subbed videos and translated interview weren't posted yet I think, so here you go! I'd mention my favourite things, but then this would become too long so I'll leave that for the comment section, haha. Enjoy!
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