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Yoo Ah In Lashes Out on Twitter at Malicious Netizens


Actor Yoo Ah In lashed out on Twitter to netizens leaving malicious comments.

On March 6, he posted, “I wasn’t doing anything, and I wanted to just leave it alone, but it seems lowlives don’t realize what they are and keep spreading the hate. I’m not afraid to get down and dirty. No matter how much you type away, you and I are just faceless keyboard warriors. Wanna give it a go?

He also said, “I’m sorry, King Sejong. I’m sure you didn’t create Hangul for something like this…”

While he didn’t explicitly reveal the target of the post, it seems the actor was speaking to malicious netizens, seeing as how he referred to them as “keyboard warriors.” Hopefully, whatever was bothering him will die down, but at least we know that Korean celebrities these days aren’t afraid to take action against these netizens.

Tags: actor/actress, internet, yoo ah in

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