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MBLAQ "Still In Love" full MV and b-side banger "Take It Back" (new Japanese releases)

"Still In Love" is a bit of a ballad but it is so MBLAQ-ly dramatic.

I really like "Take It Back" because this type of noisy dance track is why I listen to kpop Japanese releases #longliveSJJD

MV BTS with Thunder featuring amazing background music. There might be more videos but I didn't look very hard.

Here's "Smoky Girl" in case you forgot how amazing it is.

And here is the "Smoky Girl" follow up, "No Love" (they repackaged the album with three new songs). This is a mid tempo piano ballad, but when the chorus happens it really happens.

Sources: qianhezi0420, luna bb, thunder mblaq, jtunecamp, CJENMMUSIC official

lol mods, I'm out of practice! xo
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