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#1 cutest person Kwon Jiyong

Cute on Instagram

"It was windy / I had an affair #JejuIsland"

(Note from here: "GD's using word-play with his Infinity Challenge song "I Had An Affair", but also talking about it being windy. The Korean sounds like "Baram-nass-oh", so it also sounds similar to the song.")

[Jiyong sending random messages to tv]


"Woah Daebak I was bored so just sent a message and it appeared ! Kkkkkkkkkkk  surprising surprising"

(Note from here: The message on the television says "Young Bae-ya is the Jjang- Ji Yong".  'jjang' is slang for 'the best/greatest/most awesome.')


He liked this manip on Instagram, which I thought was cute. For more of his likes see here, there's some eh interesting stuff there.

Cute in fancams

[pikachu, limbodancing, maid Jiyong and more]
Jikachu (a.k.a Jiyong dressed as pikachu)

Most fabulous Pikachu ever with that outfit, haha. Anyway, two of my favourite things combined! (gd & pokémon ofc)

GD limbodancing

As expected he did well with his flexibility, though his back seemed to be in permanent pain. I remember on Winner tv he also said his back hurt when he did his 'lizard' walk. :/ Be careful, Jiyong.

Rope-jumping (all of Big Bang)

GD as maid (1)

GD as maid (2)

GD singing Seungri's Gotta Talk To You (ft. TOP doll)

GD singing TOP's Doom Dada

Sources: Tsz Kwan Yam, JEN2Y_DRGN, GDGD_BB, GDony517, mr_top1104, Molly Kelly@youtube  | xxxibgdrgn@instagram | gif

This is a cute gd appreciation post. ♥ I really enjoyed watching the fancams and hope you'll do too! (Feel free to add more :D)

Tags: fan cam, fan meeting, g-dragon

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