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Girl’s Day’s Yura channels Elsa for new variety program 'Roommate'

source: roommate SBS

Girl's Day's Yura channeled Elsa from "Frozen" in the teaser video for new SBS variety program "Roommate". Wearing a blonde wig and a similar outfit, she got to show her love for the movie by role playing as Elsa and lip-syncing to Idina Menzel's "Let It Go".

Near the end, Jun Hyun Moo asks Yura, "Let's live together", to which she responds by walking away. The program will show what happens when ten celebrities live under one roof. The production crew is remaining silent about the participants' information, but you can check the show out on April 20!

Do you think you'll be watching "Roommate"?

source: dramarecap
Tags: comedian / mc, girls day, teaser, tv shows

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