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100% STUFF YOU MIGHT CARE ABOUT (totally should care about) POST~

[EXCLUSIVE] 100% Chanyong Fainted Due To Hypothermia During MV Filming And Is Sent To The Hospital

A member of the boy group 100%, who will be making a comeback soon, Chanyong fainted at the scene of the music video filming and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Chanyong was in the middle of filming the music video for their new song at a filming set in Paju, Gyeonggi-do Prefecture when he lost consciousness and was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. His body temperature was very low and was seen as suffering from hypothermia at the hospital and is currently waiting for the diagnosis and test results.

According to the staffs, the music video filming set was warm and they were shocked by the incident. It can be assumed that Chanyong was over-exhausted and his immune system was low from the constant, strenuous practices in preparation for the comeback on top of staying up all night to film the music video.

Chanyong has almost completed filming his parts in the music video and thus, there won’t be any major changes in the schedule. According to the company representative, they’ll look at the diagnosis and test results before making any decisions, stressing that Chanyong’s healthy and recovery is of utmost importance.

100% will be having their first comeback stage on Mnet ‘MCountdown’ on 13th March and left deep impression through their image teasers featuring the Frankenstein concept with members posing in dark monster-style makeup.

100% is making a new start after Minwoo’s enlistment and Sanghoon’s withdrawal by reshuffling the members and is currently working hard in preparing to face their first comeback as a 5 members group.

NOTE: Although the news heading mentioned hypothermia, Chanyong is probably not suffering from hypothermia but a case of chronic fatigue and over-exhaustion due to the strenuous dance practices and staying up all night for the music video filming

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Hello. This is TOP Media.

We apologize for making the fans worried about 100% Chanyong’s news this morning.

He is resting and recovering now.

We’ll strive to make sure that not only Chanyong but the rest of the members will be in good health ahead of their comeback.

Thank you.

[TRANS] Perfection!!! Don't worry, I'm fine because I'm strong!!!!

source: OSEN , 100% Official Site
Trans:Shiroirukaze, REAL100per


(omona post about their win on immortal song here)

[TRANS] [♥] http://t.co/skyr79N56U It's such an honor to be able to win in a stage together with Yang Heekyung teacher! Thank you very much~!!

[TRANS] http://t.co/VjMisIQwM3 Seems like I've made an unforgettable memory with Yang Heekyung teacher
Thank you for teaching us about so many things.
Before the comeback, I've received a huge gift ♥
With this energy, I will also do good in My Heart is Beating!!!

[TRANS] It's more enjoyable because we're together, Actor/Actress Special Happy Together!
Today's final winner is Yang Heekyung & 100%!
The cute kittens' fancy performance was such a perfect stage!
Congratulations for being the final winner~^^

[TRANS] Immortal Songs Actor/Actress Special with 100% and Ailee... please watch the broadcast! Also, Hyungdon oppa happy birthday!

[TRANS] Skillful idol junior 100%! The more I look at it, you guys' ability makes me can't suppress my amazement!

[TRANS] Oh yeah!

Sources 100% Official Twitter, Rokhyun's Twitter, Bada's Twitter, KBS's Immortal Song 2 Twitter, Hyukjin's Twitter
Trans: real100per

New Teasers~


(Click here for bigger picture)


(Click here for bigger picture)

Source: 100% Official facebook

I hope that the members don't overwork themselves more... I'm also so proud of each and one of them!! Prove people wrong baekpo babies!!
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