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This is a Royal Pirates Post (lots of pics and vids)

RP TV Ep. 3

RP TV Ep. 4

RP TV Ep. 5 RP version of "I'm In Love" ♥♥♥

RP TV Ep. 6

RP TV Ep. 7 (ftr short "cover" of Let It Go by Moonchul and James judging him)

[RP Twitter/Instagram/FB stuff][James]James Instagram updates

james and amber

No word on who the earplug belongs to, just that it's the dirtiest one James has seen. Hmmm....
handsome james
james and hoon
james happy vday
james photoshoot
james thank you
james thank you text

[Sooyoon]Sooyoon Instagram updates

Apparently Sooyoon is a cat person ^_^
sooyoon cats
(it's captioned #love)

sooyoon playing guitar

sooyoon cosmopolitan mag
Sooyoon showing off RP in Cosmopolitan Magazine

sooyoon suit n tie
On his JT Suit and Tie shit

Brad & James vs Moon & Sooyoon

Random other social media stuffs

james peniel beep beep
James trolling Peniel

moochul and appa
Moon and his father (aww)

(gif cr)

OP is seriously starting to stan these guys. Looking forward to them on the ASC After Show! I hope James is next!

Sorry about the credits Mods fixed :)

(RP Facebook)(James' Twitter)(James' Instagram)(Sooyoon Instagram)(RP Official YT)
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