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A Pink will have their comeback in April!


A-Pink, confirmed to comeback in April.. joins the girl group craze

Girl group A-Pink (Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Jung Eunji, Son Naeun, Kim Namjoo, Oh Hayoung) will make their comeback in April.

A representative from ACUBE Entertainment stated on the 10th, “On the first week of next month (April), A-Pink will release a new single album and will be doing regular promotions.”

According to the agency representative, A-Pink is currently on their last stage of their album preparation. Through their new single, they are planning to once again be showing the concept that they are loved for, the innocent concept. They are still in process of scheduling their first comeback stage.

Currently in the entertainment, the nation’s well known girl groups such as Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 have made their comeback. Many are anticipated now that A-Pink will now be joining the craze.

A-Pink received many love from their previous hit song “NO NO NO” which was released last July, along with their 3rd anniversary fan thank you song, “Good Morning Baby”, which was released this past Janurary.

Ahhhh I'm so excited! Right on time for my birthday too. I've never prayed so hard for a group's comeback success..NoNoNo was such a huge hit for them and all I want is another good song so  I can breathe easily.


Source: daum, fyeahchorong, kpopdebut

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