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Dal★Shabet's Shabet on Air ep 4&5! + more videos~

(episodes one through three are here)

episode four:

episode five:

Korea Today: A Sit-Down with Dal Shabet

[+subin's solo ft. ilhoon if any of you haven't heard it yet]

'have, don't have' era weekly idol cut (i went through the tag and i didn't see either of these posted, so)

'be ambitious' era secret box video

[+ more random, short, unsubbed videos]
Banana, Not Banana?

Heart Halves

Pandora’s Box

The Waiting Room

Happy Birthday To You

Joint Stage with Tae Jin Ah Senior (with bangtan in the background)

Cotton Candy Kiss

source: Shabet OnAir, 2, ARIRANG ISSUE, LoveKpopSubs14, Calleigh Lee, ARIRANG KPOP, Official Dalshabet, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

subin wrote the lyrics to her solo herself! i can't stop listening to it rn. ;v;

Tags: dal★shabet, interview, tv shows

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