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***IMAGE-HEAVY*** 34 pics of Spica for BNT International!
(click for original resolution - some are ULTRA HQ you won't regret it)
Note: guessing this was done soon after Bohyung's brother passed away so she couldn't be there :'(

b all
[dark concept!]
b all hd
b jh hd 2
b jh hd 1
b b hd
b nr hd

[white concept!]w all
w jh 1
w jh 2
w jh hd
w b
w b hd 2
w nr 1
w nr 2
w jw
w jw hd
w bj hd
w jirae
w jirae hd

[fun concept!]f all hd
f jh 1
f jh 2
f jh hd
f b 1
f b 2
f b hd
f jw 1
f jw 2
f jw hd
f nr
f nr 2
f nr hd

I am in LOVE with everything because I am hopelessly and eternally biased. they all look freaking fantastic (Boa's last photoshoot as a blondie!) but seriously, Juhyun's hair has never looked better *__* which is your fave concept? mine's the white! I went on a 1.5hr screencap spam on Twitter last night omfg 67 glorious caps of my ladies

Source: SPICAworld
Download all 34 pics in a zip here
Photoshoot video post here
Tags: eye candy, keembo/spica, photoshoot

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