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VIXX TV ep 91: Chatterbox JungLeo

[Baby daddies in action + snapbacks story]The Celebrity "One more love" campaign photoshoot + snapbacks designing BTS

Leo said, "We focused on simple design to improve the practicality in this unisex cap. The cap is not only for the fans of VIXX but for all who are interested in fashion." VIXX and The Celebrity had numerous meetings to develop the design for Child Fund Korea. VIXX members were divided into three teams: Ravy and Hongbin, Leo and Hyuk, N and Ken. Even with their busy schedule, they managed to share ideas and suggestions with the designer and produced a sample. "This is my first time designing something like this. I am very happy to see what I have accomplished. I would like to continuously get involved in such meaningful projects," said Ken who just checked out a sample of a cap that he designed. All the other members were busy checking out their merchandise. The Celebrity would like to thank VIXX for putting so much time and effort into the cap design, even after a long, tiring photo shoot with the kids.


Ravi&Hongbin's Bandana cap


While Ravi, who has much passion towards street styling, was explaining his ideas, HONGBIN was quietly sketching and showed what he drew. Surprisingly, both of them were talking about the same concept: a cap with detachable accessories. Inspired by today's trend of wearing bandana inside a cap, Ravy and HONGBIN decided to put detachable a fashionable scarf inside of a snapback hat. The scarf was made with graphical camo prints, originally designed by the studio K. The scarf definitely made the simple, black cap much more special. In addition, the color beneath the brim showed the member's affection and meticulousness towards the item.
Styling Tips: Place the scarf behind ears loosely or tie up in the backside of your head with various styles.

Leo&Hyuk's starry denim cap


LEO and HYUK expressed their special thanks and love to "Star Light", title of their official fan club. To visualize shining stars at night, they decided to have silver stars stitched into dark, indigo colored denim cloth. With the 2014 S/S key print cloth, designed by the studio K, underneath the trim, one can feel the hazy night sky right before the stars come up. In order to find the right feeling, both LEO and HYUK tried and tested numerous prints. Cute, active image of shiny little "starlight" was also added to the narrow trim. LEO and HYUK wanted to differentiate their products with others by adding narrow trims to emphasize the cheerful night sky, similar to their fans.

N&Ken's Leather cap


N and KEN focused on keywords and identity of VIXX. They worked on graphics that symbolize logo, symbols, and voodoo, the title of their most well known song. Out of decades of the sketches, the one with the letters of VIXX and hourglass was picked unanimously. They decided to stitch the graphics that they designed on the front of the cap. The graphics had to be bold, simple, strong, and notable. Black embroidery on leather creates chick and modern style. N and KEN added their brilliant idea to use different material for the trim to upgrade style with fashion.


You can actually buy the caps HERE! They accept paypal and ship worldwide

[Subbed goodies]Subbed things

120225 Cultwo radio show: N with BTS' RapMon and Topp Dogg's Sangdo

MTV Diary ep 58 (has it been posted already?)

MTV Diary ep 59


Beatles code unaired clips

Bonus: Angel leader saying goodbye to Sukira family ;~;

realVIXX;; The Celebrity on youtube; kcrazef00; MiX2u subs MiX2u subs ; Mix2u second channel; Starlight's gift; KimShailee; Hot Cha; N yourside

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