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Dispatch gives fashion advice (again)

[STARCAST - What should I wear this week?]
Back-to-school college girl fashion


‘What should I wear this week’ on the second week of March that ‘STARCAST’ have prepared is women fashion. Please refer to the in- between-the-seasons look that will possibly match well with college girls.

It is already a week after the first day of back-to-school. The chilly weather in early spring is still continuing. It is expected that a cold wind will blow in both the morning and evening this week also. It will be easy to catch cold if wearing too thin thinking that it is spring.

This Monday is the coldest weather out of the week. The temperature in Seoul on this day is expecting to go down as far as 3 degrees below zero. However, it will be warm in the afternoon so keep a thick padding jacket in the closet. It would be good when wearing a nice coat.

Starting from Tuesday, a cloudy weather will continue. It is hard to expect the temperature that we will actually feel with our bodies. It looks like the weather will be inconsistent such as going from warm to a snowy weather and so on. The campus fashion in between the seasons, it is really tough preparing for it, right?


▶ Monday, March 10th | Lowest 3 degrees below zero, Highest 8 degree. Clear and warm(Based on Seoul) : It is the day in which the temperature difference between day and night is big. The highest temperature during the day in Seoul will go up as far as 8 degrees. The sunlight will be strong but it will be relatively cold in the morning and evening.


Suggestion ① Coat &Dress look : It is the weather in which we have to think about both the warmth and the sense of season. Try wearing a white colored spring coat just like Seohyun from ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION’. It can give off both warm and gorgeous vibe.

Inner wear will also be important. It is possible to transform into a lively college girl with a plaid dress that has thick fabric. To this, try wearing black half stockings that comes up until the knees. It can double the adorable vibe.


Suggestion ② Coat &Skinny : Are there are skinny jean families out there who thinks a dress is burdensome? Then, try copying Hyoyeon from ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION’. She unified the skinny jean, knitted sweater and shoes and so on into white. Please remember that you will look much skinnier if you match the top and bottom with same color.

The point here is no doubt a coat. It can look refreshing if choosing a pink color. However, remember to not wear other accessories at all. It can look distracting. It is good enough to give off a spring vibe just with the coat alone.


▶ Tuesday, March 11th | Lowest 1 degree below zero, Highest 11 degrees. Very cloudy : It is a warm weather in which the highest temperature is about 10 degrees. But, it is so~ dark. It is expected that the sky will be full of clouds starting from the afternoon.


Suggestion ① Jean jacket & Dress : There is no need for the fashion to be also dark just because the weather is bad. Since it is warm, try preparing a thin jacket, just like Dasom from ‘SISTAR’. Try wearing an oversize jean jacket. Roll up the sleeves a little. It will look cute.

It is also a weather in which it will be good to wear a light dress. It will look pure when wearing white loafers and a pastel tone dress that has flower patterns. The socks that come up until the ankles will also be girlish. To this, it will be all good when adding a point with a pink colored bag.


Suggestion ② Jean jacket &Big bag : Do you want to stand out a little more? Then, try wearing like Hyun-a from '4minute'. It can look much more gorgeous with deep colored jean jacket and a fancy flower patterned skirt. You will become a campus goddess in no time.

One more thing, add a point with a big bag that has a strong color. If it is the size that can fit in all the textbooks, it can also be practical. It looks comfortable but also perfect for a feminine campus look.


▶ Wednesday, March 12th | Lowest 3 degrees, Highest 7 degrees. Either raining or snowing : The weather will be cloudy all day. Moreover, it is even expected that either a rain or snow will fall in the afternoon. The lowest temperature will be 3 degrees. It is not going to be cold, but the weather is closer to winter than spring.


Suggestion ① Knitted sweater &Skirt : If you are a college girl, also try the casual look. Match a thick and loose knitted sweater to a flare skirt, just like Victoria from ‘f(x)’. Hold a big size clutch in the hands. It will look stylish.

You have to be careful as it might look childish. An important thing here is the sense of color. If matching calm colors such as gray and black and so on like Victoria did, there is 0% possibility of failure. Choose the items such as the watch and the shoes also with the same color.


Suggestion ② Knitted sweater &Unbalance skirt : Do you guys hate looking way too young? Then, refer to Go ARA’s unbalance look. If wearing a Bocaci sweater and an unbalance skirt in which the length of one side is longer than the other, it is possible to give off a chic vibe.

Also, make good use of the props. Go ARA matched a calm fedora and the leather boots with a length that covers the ankle and so on. Everyone should try this too. Everyone can transform into a Hollywood star. Moreover, it will be possible to block the snow and rain.


▶ Thursday, March 13th | Lowest 0 degree, Highest 8 degrees, Very cloudy : The temperature difference between the day and night got a little bigger. The lowest temperature will drop to 0 degree. It is expected that it will be full of clouds until the morning and will get better in the afternoon.


Suggestion ① Tweed jacket &Skinny jeans : A tweed jacket is a necessary item for women in age twenties. Everyone must have bought a gorgeous tweed jacket already to prepare for the spring, right? It will be good to wear for important occasions such as wedding and meeting and so on so make sure to get one.

Should we give Tiffany from ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION’ as an example? She added a point with light colored skinny jean and a tweed jacket. She wore skin colored heels to emphasize the long legs and it will be completed when wrapping up with a refreshing yellow tote bag.


Suggestion ② Tweed jacket &Hot pants : Do you guys want to dress up in a little more sexier way? Then, try copying Suzy from ‘miss A’. Emphasize a slim beauty of the body figure with an orange colored tweed jacket and all-black hot pants look.

However, since a tweed jacket is fancy, do not be greedy with the rest of the items, just like Suzy. Please refrain from wearing sunglasses with a fancy design and shining necklace. If there are items you guys want, only wear the simple ones. It is not going to fail.


▶ Friday, March 14th | Lowest 2 degrees below zero, Highest 9 degrees, cloudy weather : It looks like the sky will be full of clouds all day. The lowest temperature in Seoul is going to be 2 degrees below zero and the highest will be 9 degrees. The temperature difference between the morning and the evening is also pretty big. Please dress up while thinking about the warmth.


Suggestion ① Romantic dress look : Even if you usually wore plain and simple, try wearing in a special way just on this day. Why is that?
That is because it is White Day, the couples’ celebration day. Match a romantic dress to high heels. Your boyfriend will surely fall in love with you.

Park Shin Hye showed the standard example of a college girl fashion. She wore a white color dress and a light pink jacket. To this, she made her legs look longer with skin colored heels. The point item is the bag. She completed the fashion with a refreshing light blue shoulder bag.


Suggestion ② Sexy dress look : Are you guys saying you guys have no boyfriends to go on a date with? Then, it would be also good to go to club parties. Try enjoying ‘Fiery Friday’ and also White Day while dancing with friends. It will relieve the stress.

Try wearing a sexy dress just like Fei from ‘miss A’. It is simple. Wear a black colored tight sleeveless dress. To this, it will be completed when adding sexiness with a smoky make-up. Now then, is everyone ready to rock?

Written by=Kim Mi Gyum(Dispatch)
Pictures=Dispatch DB
source: starcast
Tags: fashion, go ara, hyoyeon, hyuna, miss a, park shin hye, seohyun, sistar, suzy, tiffany, victoria

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