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Dispatch looks into Sunmi's brain!

Close examination of Sunmi - What are you thinking right now? Who are you close with?


Sunmi came back with ‘Full Moon’ that has vampire concept after ’24 Hours’! She is spending busy days with endless schedules. We have prepared a time to get to know Sunmi in a little more detailed way for STARCAST readers. That is! “Sunmi’s brain structure & human relationship”.

What would Sunmi be thinking these days, should we first take a look at her brain structure that Sunmi drew herself?


Ta da!! Something that is occupying the largest part is the title song of my first mini album ‘Full Moon’ in which I am diligently promoting these days. Is everyone enjoying ‘Full Moon’ performance? Because of love from everyone, I am making efforts to show much bigger and round full moon. It is possible to feel another kind of charm in ‘Full Moon’ compared to ’24 Hours’, the song by the production director Jin Young Park! Please continue to show lots of love!

These days, something I am thinking about the most after ‘Full Moon’ is warm spring and meal. I think it is about time for cold winter to be exhausted. I hope the spring, which flowers start to bloom, come as soon as possible I think I am going to feel really good if I exercise by walking on the streets in warm weather. ^^ Also, meal is always my concern. I think it is healthy only when taking care of the meals at the right time, but when I am doing my schedules, there are lots of times when it is hard to eat meals on time. Always think, think, think to take care of the meals!

Last Sunday, I became 1st place on Popular Music. >< There were lots of people whom I was grateful for but if I did not have our wonderful fans! It would not have been possible. I promised to buy everyone the meal box! This is one of the things that I am thinking about the most these days. ^^ Look forward to it!

Also, precious people around me! They are people who always become my energy and whom I am so grateful for. I think I am also learning that something that can never be accomplished alone can be done when working on it together. Our staff members who went lots of troubles this time also, JYP staff members, my precious family and friends, thank you guys so much. It is embarrassing to say but…I love you♥

Next, strength! POWER! When I usually move, I hear that I am squishy a lot so I want to develop body strength. I guess I would no doubt to have exercise, right? I don’t want to do it ㅜㅜ

Something that I find most hard to bear while on the stage! It is the cheers from the fans! I am so grateful as the fans cheer until their voice is gone but truth is, I keep starting to laugh.^^

We have visited Sunmi after asking her to draw human relationships map but Sunmi got really sad with discouraged shoulders as she said she does not have human relationships! We will proceed to search for her hidden human relationships!


The production director Jin Young Park : The production director Jin Young Park always gives precious advices to me first! You know that I am getting energy and am holding promotion activities with your support, right? Because of you as you always take care of me and value me, I am getting energy. It looks like you neglect me a little these days maybe because of your happy marriage life. I am sad! But still, I am so jealous as you always look happy!

GOT7 : GOT7 kids whom I am holding promotion activities at the same time these days…. Wait, no, grandsons….. The fact that our debut is 7 years apart, do you guys know that? Since you guys started off in an amazing way, I hope you guys become the best with you guys’ own charms! I will always be cheering! GOT 7 fighting!

15& : I bet they are always busy but our grateful 15& as they always come to cheer for me! It reminds of my old days when I look at you guys! With that, I also want to try Somebody. I want somebody, body, somebody~

miss A : miss A members look so cool when they diligently try hard! I always streamed the song when they were holding activities with ‘Hush’^^ The day in which we hold promotion activities together will come one day, right? ^^

Baek A Yeon : Our A Yeon whom I always saw at the practice room every night! Did you happen to notice that I tried even harder after seeing you try hard..? A Yeon is getting skinnier! A Yeon, let’s go and eat some good food together!

JOO : My reliable JOO♥ I really like it as your showing amazing sides in musical these days! I will definitely go and watch the musical you are preparing right now! I will take a good care of your brother Ilhoon also! Fighting!

SPICA : SPICA members who are tall, have good body figures, pretty and sings well! I LOVE YOU♥

Sunmi’s brain structure & human relationship map! Did everyone enjoy?^^ Please keep cheering for Sunmi, and also show lots of love towards ‘Full Moon’. Thank you.

Written by = Sunmi
Pictures = JYP Entertainment
Source: starcast
Tags: interview, sunmi

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