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Jackie Chan to debut new idol group JJCC in South Korea and China this month

Internationally-known Chinese martial artist and entertainer Jackie Chan is keen on trying his luck on debuting a new male idol group, JJCC.

Earlier today, it was reported that Jackie Chan, who has feigned interest on the Korean industry, will be debuting a five-membered male idol group this March. The actor was revealed to have participated in the formation of the group along with content and album production.

JJCC has five members, four which are Koreans and one Chinese. They are described to be in their early twenties with top visuals and an average height of 180 centimetres.

Currently, the preparations for the group’s debut are finished and is expected to enter full-scale activities this month.

Source: NewDaily via koreaboo

On the 10th of March when The Jackie Chan Group Korea announced that a new idol group targeting the international music market will be debuting under their agency some time this month.

Finally, the first member for Jackie Chan’s idol group, JJCC, has been revealed to be Oh Jongsuk, who previously had appeared on a Korean cable channel program titled “Master Chef Korea” in 2012.

Oh Jongsuk had been remembered by many as a good looking chef on the show, in which not only was he considered handsome, but he also ranked in the top 10 chefs in the show.

The Jackie Chan Group Korea also revealed that Oh Jongsuk had known Jackie Chan since 8 years ago, in which Jackie Chan directly taught him, took him to film sets and did volunteer activities with him.

Many people are curious as to what the other members will be like, and are anticipating their debut soon this month.

Source: Chosun via koreaboo
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