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Wonder Girls “We have to eat Korean meals to gain strength”

Don’t you miss Korea?
Truthfully, more than Korea, we miss Korean food. We have to eat a Korean meal within at least 2 days to gain strength. Regardless of where we are in America, we always search on Google for the nearest Korean restaurant.
The tour bus has emergency rations of kimchi, pollack pickled fish, stirred seaweed, and seasoned squid. We even bought Korean ice cream, but the tour bus refrigerator is not cold enough so they all melted. However, they are delicious so we dug in and ate the melted ice cream anyways.
We don’t have to worry about rice cakes because the fans always prepare some for us wherever we go. The moment we open the box of rice cakes, producer JYP and the representatives dash towards us and eat it all, leaving no left-overs. (laughs) (JYP really loves rice cakes so his nickname became “rice cake-eating gorilla’).

I was informed that the tour bus is luxurious.
If it was luxurious, we would have no issues with the refrigerator. It’s not the bus that was revealed online. There are several company vehicles. The brand is the same (Hyundai Motors), but they’re all different cars.

How is life in America?
We began living in New York first. We studied English with friends from all over the world, and do some personal studying on our own. We speak strictly English with our staff members.
Producer JYP teaches us the most. Rather than pronunciation, he wants us to focus on understanding the language. It makes teaching the dance more fun.
When we’re in Korea, we hide the fact that we are Wonder Girls and long to enjoy a private life, but here we have to publicly announce “We are the Wonder Girls.”
Although there are only 20-30 people out of the massive crowd who come to see us, it’s really nice to be greeted with the fans’ placards. It’s a different feeling than the packed crowd of fans in Korea.

Still, since you’re a group, you must be less lonely than artists like BoA or Se7en.
It’s a relief that we don’t get lonely because we’re a group. However, Sun Mi says she is lonely.
Truthfully, every day is fun. Even the smallest things are interesting and new. Sun Mi says that it’s the most fun when she goes out to the streets wearing her PJs like a disabled person and buys juice for herself. (laughs)

Is the anticipation a burden?
Now our company (JYP Entertainment) only cares about 2PM. They don’t even call often. So we are sad. (laughs)

Apparently Yoo Bin is the most popular in U.S.
Yoo Bin is the most widely accepted in America. Because she looks exotic. So Hee is quite popular too. If you look on Twitter, they both have a lot of followers.

What does JYP help with?
At the end of every show, producer JYP points out the good and bad things. Specifically, he helps us with our English.
However, he feels apologetic to us. He thinks we might get stressed if he lectures too much. He just tells us to do our best. He condenses 3 problems to a brief and concise one.

How is the American stage?
Korean fans have organized chants to cheer you on throughout the performance, but American fans are very liberal; they stand up and freely follow along to the choreography.

Have you ever had a scandal with the Jonas Brothers?
We have never. There can be an issue, but the Jonas Brothers have too many fans so we are bound to gain anti’s. (laughs)

How are the Jonas Brothers?
They’re like friends of the same age to us. In the Jonas Brothers, Joe acts like an older brother, Kevin is goofy and fools around a lot, and Nick is reserved and hides himself.

When compared to American artists, there are critics who say the power of your music falls short.
We have to work hard. We practice the song whenever we have the chance.
Of course, as singers, the power of our music is important. However, we are more interesting in sharing our music to more fans and making it something they can enjoy listening to. The market is big and the competition is fierce so we have to put in a lot of effort and work really hard.


Goddess Yenny


Yenny and Sun and Yubin

Sexy Girls!

Yenny is so nice!

Cute alert!

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[credit: Asiae]
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