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YG Entertainment decides edit CL’s solo song ‘MTBD’ after accusations of blasphemy

Girl band 2NE1 have found themselves embroiled in a bitter controversy over alleged insults to Islam after a song on their latest album quoted verses from the Qu’ran.

The offending lines come in a ditty titled “MTBD.”

An official at the Korea Muslim Federation on Wednesday demanded that 2NE1′s agency YG Entertainment “swiftly delete” the lyrics in question or “completely revise” the song, and apologize to all Muslims.

The federation threatened “concerted measures” with Muslims around the world unless its demands are met.

The lyrics in question last six or seven seconds and consist of background crooning while 2NE1′s CL is rapping. Muslim critics claim they were lifted from Sura 78, Verses 32-34 of the Qu’ran, which describes heaven.

YG Entertainment admitted that it sampled a track from another song but declined to explain further.

The problematic portion has gone viral on YouTube and other social media. One Indian viewer identifying himself Ahmad Anir claimed a growing number of Muslims around him are saying this is a “clear case” of insulting Islam.

The federation claims it has received many complaints. Lee Ju-hwa, the secretary general at the federation, claimed Muslims consider it “blasphemous” to use the Quran for any purpose other than worship.

YG Entertainment has now apparently decided to delete the controversial portion.

The live performance from ‘All or Nothing‘ has been reuploaded without the section in dispute.

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