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Wang Biho’s Second Strike At The Brown Eyed Girls

Comedian Yoon Hyunbin, who plays the famous insulting character Wang Biho, poked fun at the Brown Eyed Girls a second time as the girls came to watch KBS 2TV's "Gag Concert".

The Brown Eyed Girls had previously come to watch the show a few months ago and Wang Biho started off his corner with a compliment saying "You came last time and you came again. You guys got prettier." But it wasn't long until Wang Biho attacked saying, "But why did you come with black drawings on your eyes? Especially you GaIn, you're a trend these days. You have the same line as 2NE1's CL." as he teased the members about their smokey eye makeup.

Also Wang Biho continued with his harsh comments. "As soon as Brown Eyed Girls' new album's title song 'Abracadabra' was released it went up on music charts instantly but at the same time it was also ranked to be the number one song that was illegally downloaded. That means the song is a waste to hear by paying for it. They just want to download it and listen, that's all."

Then Wang Biho went on as he danced to 'Abracadabra' saying "This concept is wearing hot pants and eyeliner, just like the female Wang Biho" and brought laughter. Wang Biho even danced to SNSD/Girls' Generation's "Tell Me Your Wish" and Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry".


ngl, I lol'd at the "female Wang Biho" line. Also, their expressions in the first pic are priceless. Jea's like, "oic" and Miryo is like "... :) ... " while Narsha & GaIn are like "bitch please lol".
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