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AlphaBAT update post~

White Day Event (they're making soap to give to their fans; each member is choosing three fans to give to)

Mwave Meet&Greet
(they're all so adorable. they couldn't understand all the english messages but they still read a lot of them outloud. apparently delta was the most proficient at english (at least out of the hyungline) and worked as an impromptu translator, according to the commentator, who would type out little updates throughout the whole thing. lots of sorrys, thank yous and i love yous, though (especially from beta). i would try to go through and pickout highlights or qt/dumb things but i was literally amused by everything they did.)

(reaction to mv reactions starting at ~8:15)

[@OfficialMwave tweets during the meet&greet]@OfficialMwave tweets during the meet&greet

Support Message for Urban Hz

140311 The Show Manager's special & ending cut
(full special with bestie, speed, btob, ladie's code, and stellar here)

140312 AlphaBAT Pre-record @ Show Champion

fancafe photo update!
140304 The Show behind the scenes
[mult., beta, code]



[delta, epsilon, fie]d:elta



[gamma, heta]g:amma


[iota, jeta]i:ota


source: alphabat9, 2, Creator Group, 2, 3, 4, 5, @OfficialMwave, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, RealBrosSound, alphabat thaifan, withham, KpopMusic Plus, AlphaBAT fancafe

epsilon chose my message during the meet & greet!! ;v; and then beta blew a kiss 'cause i mentioned him like twice in my message. ;♥; fhdljsghlg it was so weird hearing them say my name.

edited to include the second white day video that just got released.

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