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Star Empire male vocal group debuts with "My Heart Says" MV (starring ZE:A Siwan)

ALSO watch this "Like A Man" bts making video because this song is amazing?? Is there another mv coming?? I'm so confused!

[ok now you can read about them in this press release]
Star Empire Entertainment which currently houses V.O.S, Jewelry, ZE:A, and Nine Muses has announced the debut of a new vocal group SoReal.

Star Empire has announced the debut of the 4 member vocal group SoReal 10 years after their soulful vocal group V.O.S entered the music industry in 2004. SoReal carries the meaning of “an echo that knocks your heart.” They hope to capture the hearts of fans by making music anyone can identify with.

SoReal consists of members Byun Jangmoon, Kang Sungho, Ryu Phillip, and Joo Daegeon. The leader Byun Jangmoon originally made his debut in 2008 with the group A’ST1 and has been noted as an idol with great singing ability and also already has a large following of fans. Many are curious as to how he has matured musically.

The album jacket photos were revealed through SoReal’s official fancafe on March 7 with the theme of “one spring love story.” The photos show the individual members with mysterious expressions that carry a fresh, lively feeling of spring, thus building up anticipation for their album which will be revealed on the 13th.

Their debut album will be titled “So Real Story” carries two different meanings: “their group (SoReal) story” as well as “a story that is real.” V.O.S’ Choi Hyunjoon and other producing teams which includes, hit songwriter Kim Taehyun, Cha Sangmin, Seo Jaeha, and Brian Kim all took part in producing SoReal’s debut album.

Star Empire representatives stated “We’re excited to show off SoReal who are able to make real and sincere music. We hope that many people will have high expectations and and look forward to the real music they will show.”

SoReal’s debut album “So Real Story” will be up for sale on the 13th.

[and maybe you should watch two of them cover EXO Miracles in December]
I quite like the originals and I also like the cover, so if you like the originals I daresay you might like the cover

There are also album tracks but you guys I don't have rips yet so please hold on until the real SoReal fans arrive

Sources: SoReal, sorealcereal, plus sorealcereal and sportschosun and SoReal via jeit91 on omona

ZE:A5 was clearly the precursor to this. Pastels and everything.

mods please accept this one instead because I totally missed some sources and then I decided to add more things to the post idek -_-
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