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Full SNSD cut

140314 KBS Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook SNSD Mr... by thesonesource07

Talk Cut

YHY had the girls do their self-intros from when they debuted
(ex. kim leader taeyeon, energy pill sunny, brighter than ~mushrooms tiffany etc.)

YHY: What nickname would suit TaeYeon now? she doesn't seem like Kid Leader anymore. Fany: she has a nickname.... ByunTaeyeon

Yuri, SooYoung, Sunny and Seohyun are trying to write songs

YHY: Yuri, who do u want to sing ur songs? Yuri: I think my songs would really suit Sung ShiKyung but.. i dont think he'll accept themㅋ

YooHeeYeol reads them scenarios and the girls have to give the green light if they think the guy (in the scenario) likes the girl

YHY: Guy keeps sending texts like "u sleeping?" "what r u doing?"
Hyo: Is this late at night? after 12pm?
YHY: around 1am
Hyo = green light

Hyo: I think he's a little interested
YHY: Have u received such texts Usual Suspect
Yoona: HAHA
Hyo: Pls text me! I'm not asleep at 1am

Hyo explains usually ppl dont text late at night bc others must be sleeping but if u think of someone before u sleep,u prolly like them

YHY: Your knees touch slightly under the table..the guy doesnt move &keeps his knee next to yours
Sica: He either likes u or is a perv...ert

YHY: But what if you like the guy too. then what?
Sica: ...*giggle*
YHY: (to the audience) its what u guys are thinking. We'll move on

YHY: A sunbae oppa that u've known for a long time, dunno joking or seriously, picks u as his Ideal Type Crowd: WOO!
Yoona*shy*=green light lmfao

YHY: guy keeps telling u "You're really dense"
Yuri: the members keep telling me I'm dense.i hear it alot so be forward & jst tell me

YHY: There's a Church Oppa who keeps calling u over & introducing u to his friends etc
Soo: He may or may not be interested Audience: ayyy! question is not subtle at all lmao

Soo explains he may just be trying to be nice etc
YHY: u know u r fighting with the audience/public, right?
Soo: im having hard time :)

Encore/Kissing You w/ lollipops (lol)

hot mess dancing

Unaired Talk Cut

MC: What is your favorite SNSD song? everyone sings a line or two of their song!

Taeyeon: Goodbye
Sunny: Kissing You
Tiffany: Let's talk about Love (+cute sica doing 2 secs of the backup vocals)
Jessica: Genie (...had to ask tiffany what her line is. remembers all the other songs but not genie)
Hyoyeon: Boys & Girls (makes everyone else sing it instead)
Yoona: Complete
Yuri: Dear mom
Seohyun: Into the new world
Sooyoung: Baby baby (!!!!!)

whole talk but no full translations soz


Goodbye by flying petals

Goodbye by cotton candy

Goodbye by woorissica

Seohyun all by GGu3net



Kissing You


Mr.Mr. + Goodbye + Kissing You Acapella (Yoo... by thesonesource07

Sources: youtube - 김은미 GGu3net ssfcedge1 woorissica.com monmon soundcloud - for9gg translations - hyoyeonsubs2 dailymotion - thesonesource07

oop op went overboard. hopefully the videos won't be taken down soon LOL
edit: added in some translations and fixed the cut, sorry! ;;
2nd edit: replaced the deleted vids (mr.mr., goodbye, mr removed vids)!
Tags: girls generation, yoo hee yeols sketchbook

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