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Let's listen to Star Empire's new male vocal group SoReal on their debut mini "So Real Story"

Here's a playlist with intro + four tracks (five separate audio streams under the cut)

Missing You (intro) featuring Choi Hyun Joon of V.O.S
(kills me that this is the same title as the ZE:A5 intro track)

My Heart Says
(this is the lead single, watch the MV on omona here)

See Through You

Like A Man
(they published a behind the scenes video about shooting the photobook and it's basically an impromptu mv for this song. this one is a jam tbh)

One Word

[who are they anyway? well the leader Jangmoon is from A'ST1, remember them?]
SoReal consists of members Byun Jangmoon, Kang Sungho, Ryu Phillip, and Joo Daegeon. The leader Byun Jangmoon originally made his debut in 2008 with the group A’ST1 and has been noted as an idol with great singing ability and also already has a large following of fans. Many are curious as to how he has matured musically.

Their debut album will be titled “So Real Story” carries two different meanings: “their group (SoReal) story” as well as “a story that is real.” V.O.S’ Choi Hyunjoon and other producing teams which includes, hit songwriter Kim Taehyun, Cha Sangmin, Seo Jaeha, and Brian Kim all took part in producing SoReal’s debut album.

Star Empire representatives stated “We’re excited to show off SoReal who are able to make real and sincere music. We hope that many people will have high expectations and and look forward to the real music they will show.”

(I got sucked into watching this episode of Music Core because suju was promoting It's You, 2PM was promoting Again & Again, Shinee was promoting Juliette...)

Buy a signed copy of this album!

Yesasia: You can buy the signed album with a limited edition 32 page photobook and poster ($22.99 USD) or you can buy the signed album by itself ($15.99 USD). Thank you drippingillu for the tip!

DVDheaven: You can buy the signed album with a limited edition 32 page photobook and poster ($8.73 USD + shipping) Thank you myiuchan :)

Sources: markthatcoin soundcloud (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), popgasa, sorealcereal and sportschosun, MBCkpop

Follow the fandom: SoReal Cereal on tumblr and youtube

(edited to add the a'st1 tag and the article I put in the other SoReal post)
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