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Age of Feeling caught up in budget woes and controversy

There sure is a lot of drama about this drama, which has pretty much been the case from Day 1. So now on top of struggling to cast a hero, swapping a main actress, getting its timeslot taken away, dropping the head writer, and firing one of the stars, now Age of Feeling is also struggling to pay its bills. Oy! Good grief.

The news is twofold: that the show has exceeded its production budget, and also failed to pay its actors and crew. I think this calls for a second OY! And GOOD GRIEF.

According to news reports, the production has failed to pay both its cast and staff for last month’s salary. Criticism swirled after news broke, at which point the production side hurried to do damage control and issued statements that it wasn’t a failure to pay, but a negotiation of amounts over a difference of opinion. Insert skeptical side-eye here.

One rep with production company Ray & Mo stated that they had planned to issue back payments on the 17th, but because of the exceeded budget (by several hundreds of million won, which translates to several hundreds of thousand dollars [op: emphasis mine]), they are not sure how much they can currently afford to pay. According to that source, negotiations are underway to pin down when these payments can be made up to both KBS and their underwater budget.

KBS issued its own official statement on the 13th, pointing out that payments were made without any differences of opinion last year, from September through November. However, beginning in December and January, differences started to arise, leading to the current situation requiring negotiations. The instant a decision is reached, they plan to pay. The rep added that every actor and staffer has their own terms of payment (in advance, after-the-fact, in installments, etc), which adds to the complications, but stated that they have every belief the production will pay up, and that the criticism was premature. (Or was it.)

Adding to the kerfuffle is a smaller dust-up about actress Jin Se-yeon, who is attracting criticism for her habit of taking on overlapping projects. She recently added Doctor Stranger to her schedule, and filming will cut into her time on Age of Feeling, which is on Episode 18 of its 24-episode run. Once instance is hardly anything to get upset about, but Jin does have a history of overbooking projects, and it’s gotten to the point where each additional instance increases the volume of complaints raised against her. (She started Gaksital while still starring as the lead in My Daughter the Flower, then when Gaksital was still going she started Five Fingers. Valid complaint or tempest in a teapot?

[source: dramabeans]
First post! Is anyone else watching this pretty trainwreck?
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