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CL Is Embarrassed of Her Appearance in PSY's MV


CL of the girl group 2NE1 explained how she got to make an appearance on PSY’s music video.

During an interview that was held at the Conrad Hotel in Yeouido, Seoul on March 14, CL explained the story behind her appearance on PSY’s new music video and how it went.

While news about PSY’s comeback has been circling, his new music video has been attracting immense attention as America’s great hip hop artist SNOOP DOGG and BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON took part in it as well. Since PSY received utmost support and love from all over the world through YouTube, fans are eager to see the music video and who will be his next muse following HyunA from 4minute and GAIN from Brown Eyed Girls.

Meanwhile, PSY’s music video for his new song drew attention as CL reportedly appeared on it.

During the interview, CL explained, “It was an unexpected opportunity to appear on PSY’s music video and I’m kind of shy to talk about it.”

CL also added, “I actually went to see SNOOP DOGG, not PSY. I once performed with SNOOP DOGG and I had such a great time with him. We became good friends, so he contacted me before traveling to Korea, saying, ‘I’m coming to Korea soon, let’s hang out.’ That is why I went to the studio where PSY was shooting his music video and I somehow got to be part of it.”

CL went on saying, “I’m actually quite embarrassed about it. I wish it never happened, but it was a fun experience at the same time. I wasn’t ready to shoot the music video because it was unscheduled. My outfit and make up were not ready for it. I’m anxious and worried to see how it will turn out.

When asked about questions such as what kind of music video it was or whether she did funny moves on it, CL raised a laugh by saying, “I don’t think PSY would like it if I give out too many details, so please wait until it gets released.”

In the meantime, PSY is waiting for a favorable time to make a comeback after finishing all the work related to his new album. Rumor has it that he will release his album after 2NE1, but it still remains to be seen.

2NE1 has recently released their new regular album and is currently making appearances with their title track called “Come Back Home.” They will soon start their second world tour, “ALL OR NOTHING.”

Source: YG LIFE

As it really seems she had no plans of appearing in the MV I'm kinda worried too now as I want her to make a good first impression for people who aren't already familiar with her.
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