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IU Gracing Omona With Her Presence

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[FANCAFE] 140310 From.IU - 2000th day (since debut) - 2:28 AM

I’ve really become a pig.. kekeke this is the last selca of me before I became a pig..
I’ve finished recording. I’ve been working hard composing the song and having fun singing it so that! uaenas can have a great present in spring. I’m sure you’ll like it. I didn’t sing it alone but with my friends. Now between us, your friends are mine and my friends are yours right? keke please be kind to my friends! (There’s probably less than a month left till it’s released..)
But come to think of it, it’s already my 2000th day anniversary since my debut.. Why are you guys commemorating this and making me feel touched ahh It’s fine if you guys were like “2000th day? Why are there so many things to take care of? Anyway congrats” and just let it pass~~~keke oh right.. Thank you. I’ll create more great memories for you guys on the 4000th day!! Until then.. Let’s stick together for a long time!! Thank you uaena, let’s continue to maintain our friendship in future!! Goodnight and spend your day more happily than mine.


on the same idea, apparently those friends she talks about are, LOEN rookie band,HIGH4 :
Singer IU demonstrated her loyalty to her teacher and producer who discovered her talent

In 2007, IU signed with her agency, Loen Entertainment, through producer Choi Gap Won. As a sign of her loyalty, she will be participating in the debut single of rookie group produced by Choi Gap Won. The group’s name if HIGH4 and IU will be singing a duet with the group. It is predicted to release sometime in late March or early April. It is IU’s first time participating in a rookie group’s debut track. It has been reported Producer Choi made a call to IU, and she willingly accepted.

IU on Jonghyun's Blue Night Radio (NO SUBS)


Jonghyun says he likes rainy days so he’s happy that it rained today after a long time.

"Thank you for coming out today, IU. If she’s here, she will be able to hear this from the corridor right?" - JH

"How is my DJ-ing? Is my voice very different from normal days?" - JH "It’s really different, but when i first heard you were doing to do Blue Night, i thought that you suited really well for it." - IU

"Have you heard to Blue Night (after i DJ-ed) then?" - JH "I’m listening to it right now" - IU "Ah, (laughs) wow thank you for listening now" - JH

"Wheesung came out last week and we talked about you, he even chose you as the singer that he wanted to compose with." - JH
"Ah, i would like that too, Wheesung senior has always been cheering me on since my trainee days and it gives me alot of strength" - IU
"Ah, he praises you alot, but he have never said anything nice to me" - JH
"oh? none?" - IU
"He stopped saying after we got close" - JH

"I heard it was your 2000th day today?" - JH
"Since it is pass 12am, it’s actually yesterday" - IU
"So what did you do?" - JH
"Ah i did a …….with fans" - IU
"A party??" - JH
"No, erm there was somet-, a quiz? they asked me questions such as what are the fanchants of this song and you know difficult questions like "What was the most memorable episode since debut?"" - IU
"So what was the most memorable episode? (laughs)" - JH
"I seriously can’t remember, there is so many" - IU

"Is there something you have been doing alot recently?" - JH
"A oppa that is 2 years older that has been close to me during trainee days is debuting soon so i’m helping him with his songs and composing" - IU

"We are close right, IU?" - JH
"Ah? yes of course we are close, it hurts me that you even asked this question (laughs)" - IU
"We actually became close doing Immortal Song, we had the same favourite music genres and thoughts on music so we talked alot, right?" - JH

"And I ended up composing one of your songs, thanks to you there were alot of good news articles on me on the internet, thank you. Thanks to you i became a very cool and handsome composer to everyone" - JH
"You were a really cool and handsome composer. Actually I heard the demo that Jonghyun sang and liked the song alot. even though he sang it very well but i thought i would sing it better (laughs) so i asked him politely to give the song to me" - IU
"Politely? You didn’t ask politely? you just said "Give me, give the song to me, i want to sing it! give!"" - JH
"Ah did i say that? (laughs) ah i think i did" - IU

"I wanted to go to your concert" - JH
"Why didn’t you come?! I invited you!" - IU
"Ah, because of schedules….but you didn’t come to mine too!!" - JH
"Ah right….ok then" - IU
"We are cool about this like that" - JH

They sang Gloomy Clock live together.

"The sound didn’t come out in my earphone at the start so i got a huge shock" - IU
"Your face is really red now" - JH
"I got a shock and was too flustered, ah can we sing it again?" - IU
"A listener asked why didn’t i do my "잊혀진다니까!" part, actually the lyrics didn’t come out on the screen as well as i got flustered too and forgot to do that, seems like we really have to sing it again" - JH

"This is the first time someone sang live on Blue Night, I’m Jonghyun" - JH
"Oh, really? Don’t Blue night do alot of live singing?" - IU
"We don’t really do it, you’re the first one since you said you wanted to" - JH
"Ah right, i did say i wanted to sing live" - IU

JH said IU is wearing all dark clothes, her hair is all tied up and she looks very at home so he wishes that this is a viewable radio so everyone can see her and then IU said “Jonghyun-sshi is wearing a skirt! I hope it’s a viewable radio too so everyone can see him too!” JH: “Ah why?~ wearing skirts are my preference! Everyone please see how we look in the radio’s photo section online after the broadcast!”

JH asked IU what is her favourite song among her works & IU asked him back, JH said he likes Sherlock the most.

JH’s last question to IU before she left was “What is Jonghyun to IU?” IU said she doesn’t have much people that she is close with but Jonghyun is really close to her and JH said “let’s change our friendship status to best friends from now on”

They sang Gloomy Clock live again just like what IU requested but Jonghyun didn’t do his “잊혀진다니까!” part againㅋㅋㅋ

A listener said “Don’t eat CDs, they are not for eating”, hinting that they sang so well it sounds like it is played from the CD.
Jonghyun said: “Seems like alot of people thought it was played from a CD, it was live, even the greeting (Goodbye) at the end~”

Source:iumushimushi Tumblr


Source: 탬탬탐 Youtube

IU at Kwill’s Young Street Radio (NO SUBS)

Source: Laputa74

IU answers to "IU section" Quiz


1. Which programme would you like to go on again?

① Heroes
③ Star4U
④ Strongest Victor Quiz Show Q
⑤ Others (state your reason)

2. Why do you go on Uaena at midnight? (qn by 이쁜아가씨)

① To make everyone hungry with food pics
② To sum my work for the day
③ Purposely posting late at night to make uaenas who have gone to bed regret
④ Others (state your reason) : Because I’m lonely

3. Why did you put ‘Black’ and ‘Yellow’ into your lyrics for ‘Crayon’? (qn by 이해수)

① Because they are colours that I like
② Because I liked those colours on that day
③ Because the pronunciation was good for the lyrics
④ Others (state your reason)

4. Which song is the easiest to dance to? (qn by 유의사항)

① Boo
② Marshmallow
③ Good Day
④ You and I
⑤ Red Shoes

5. In the GMC fanmeeting, if you were to go back to the moment you laughed like crazy?

① Since the audiece is the same, I would still laugh the same way.
② Since I already know about it in advance, I won’t laugh.
③ I would have done the fanchant along with everyone.
④ I would resign as an audience member.
⑤ Others (state your reason)

6. When did the realisation that it was your 2000th day anniversary hit you?

① When a fan younger than me celebrates my debut
② When I have hubaes younger than me
③ When I feel that I have become more mature (or prettier)
④ Others (state your reason)

7. When you see the cameras of your fans on your way to work or after work? (qn by 로티보이팬)

① I greet them.
② I check my reflection in the mirror before I alight. x 100
③ Thinking of new poses is really tiring.
④ Others (state your reason)

8. You’ve gained many female fans. What comes to mind when you see your female fans?

① I can’t believe it (ㅜ_ㅜ)
② Korean female fans are all mine
③ Could you be a next door boy group fan…? (Note: Reference to Uaena song lyrics)
④ Others (state your reason) : Are you perhaps a History fan..?

9. How did you feel the first time a fanchant was created for you? (qn by 아기곰)

① I thought fanchants were amazing.
② I thought my fans looked cute chanting embarrassedly.
③ I liked the line ‘miso cheonsa IU’ (smiling angel IU) in particular.
④ I’ve done fanchants before myself.
⑤ Others (state your reason) They looked embarrassed doing fanchants, so I felt embarrassed along with them too.

10. What’s your favourite line in the fanchants? (qn by 로티보이팬)

① ’Miso cheonsa IU’ (smiling angel IU)
② ‘Naneunyo~ urineun oppaga~ IU-ga’
③ ‘Sonteumsaelo bichineun IU.CHAM.CHOTDA!' (revealed from between my hands… 'IU is great!')
④ ‘Unmyeongeuro chindamyeon nae unmyeongeun IU’ (if I consider my destiny.. My destiny is IU!)

11. When you see unglam shots of yourself?

① I find them really funny myself. Do share them with me.
② I think it’s alright.
③ They’re not unglam enough. I’m disappointed.
④ Sad ㅜ_ㅜ
⑤ Others (state your reason) : I’ll go ^_^ but might be put off by it(?) I don’t take such shots often.



IU on Get It Beauty (ENG SUBS)

Quite interesting show, OP (who's totally clueless about make up and beauty products ) actually enjoy it
of course, OP won't let you down
Source: Laputa74,MBC Radio, IU FanCafe, Soompi, 탬탬탐 Youtube ,, ibuybeauti, 탬탬탐 Youtube,iu-jjang,yixing, iumushimushi
Tags: iu, jonghyun, radio, tv shows

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