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Rookie Girl Group “Year 7 Class 1″ Caught Up in Controversy Regarding ‘Glorification of Bullying’


Rookie girl group Year 7 Class 1 has gotten caught up in a controversy regarding the ‘glorification of bullying.’

Appropriate to the name of their group, each of the members has the role of a ‘class officer’: president, vice-president, entertainment head, athletic head, etc. One of the members, however, is the ‘bread shuttle.’ ‘Bread shuttle’ is a slang term used to refer to one who is bullied into running errands such as buying food or cigarettes for older or stronger students. Along with bullying, this one of which is considered a type of school violence. Some netizens who heard that Seventh Grade Class 1 is using the ‘bread shuttle’ term commented on it, saying that it’s too much.

In an interview, member Yoo Hwa said, “While there is a negative meaning [to ‘bread shuttle’], we decided to use the term in order to show that we can come together with others.


Do you think they should rethink their concept?

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