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Sunye to move to Haiti with her family /but/ JYPE says the WG are not done

JYP Entertainment confirmed that Sunye will indeed be making her way to Haiti.

On March 18, JYP rep told Newsen, “Sunye will be leaving for Haiti for the next five years.”

Sunye is planning to leave for Haiti with her husband and child in July.

She previously posted on Wonder Girls’ official homepage her plan to leave for Haiti for missionary work and to create an NGO group with her husband. She will be carrying out her activities as a celebrity as an extension to this plan.

Meanwhile, Sunye got married last January, had a son in October, and re-signed with JYP Entertainment in December.

The following is the complete statement from Sunye:

“Hello. This is Sunye.

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you. I’m writing because the direction of my life has become clearer and I wanted to share it with you.

I’ve received so much love for the past seven years as a member of Wonder Girls, traveling in and out of Korea and experiencing amazing things that I cannot dare ask for.

I would like to thank the Wonder Girls members, the company members and above all, the fans of Wonder Girls for allowing me to have such precious experience.

After I went to America, I looked back at my times in the past and came to think deeply about things I’ve always wondered and thought about.

That’s when I spent a week volunteering in Haiti through my church program and that week completely changed the direction of my life.

The thing that touched my heart the most when I was in Haiti was the story of the prodigal son from the Bible.

There were two sons. The first son worked hard alongside his father, receiving praise for his work while the second son left the house, leaving his father.

The father waited for the second son to return, shedding his tears everyday, but the first son ignored the heart of father and just kept working on his old job.

If he truly loved his father and knew how much he was suffering, he should’ve left to look for his younger brother instead of doing his job, but the first son did not do that.

That first son reminded me of myself. As I saw the people of Haiti dying out without knowing a single Gospel from the Bible, I became embarrassed of myself for having focused only on my personal success.

So I decided to live my life spreading the Gospel to people who do not know of it.

I became more determined as I got married and had a child and now I will begin my second life with my husband as we make an NGO to spread the Gospel.

We’ve decided to move to Haiti this July and stay there for about five years.

I will continue my activities as a celebrity as an extension to this plan.

I thank the Wonder Girls members, company members and fans for understanding and supporting my decision and I will ask for understanding to those who are upset by this, by doing my best.

Even though I am imperfect, I will always work hard to show you the good sides of me. Thank you.

From Sunye."

Source: enewsworld

With fans shocked over Sunye’s new five year plan to do missionary work in Haiti, JYP Entertainment clarified that Sunye isn’t withdrawing and Wonder Girls isn’t breaking up.

On March 18, enews spoke with JYP Entertainment saying, “Sunye herself wrote the post on the website. She will be headed to Haiti for the next five years to do missionary work.”

As Sunye is going to Haiti, people are assuming that the group is disbanding or that she’s leaving the group,” said the rep. “It’s true that she’s set up a plan for the next five years in Haiti, but we hope that this doesn’t get tied up with the subject of group withdrawal or disbandment.”

In a statement left on the official fan café, Sunye wrote that she and her family decided to leave for Haiti in July to serve in the missionary field for about five years.

Source: enewsworld

I know this sounds all very familiar, the previous reports (from last year) were saying that she was planning on leaving, now she's leaving for real
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