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Psy’s comeback "confirmed" to be in April

Psy’s comeback date has officially been confirmed.

On the 18th of March, many K-Pop affiliates confirmed that Psy will be coming back in April this year.

Although they are still debating the exact date of the comeback, they are certain that it will be in April, and it will be a worldwide comeback, as he is an internationally recognized “world star”.

Currently, Psy is still in the United States finalizing his plans for his schedule after his comeback.

Furthermore, unlike his comeback with “Gentleman”, Psy will be releasing his songs one by one, in which he will release a few more songs from his album after his first one is released.

Affiliates also revealed that his comeback was planned in correspondence with the Brazil World Cup, as his comebacks have always been. Thus, one can expect his songs to be exciting and of a sporty nature to accentuate the World Cup spirit.

For this comeback’s music video, it was already announced that Snoop Dogg and Big Bang’s G-Dragon will be appearing in it, as well as a special cameo feature by 2NE1’s CL.

Source: Star News via koreaboo
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