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Gagman K Arrested for Gambling!

A popular Gag Concert comedian who has yet to be revealed, but code named "K" was arrested by police on the suspicion of gambling abroad. Gag Concert has been under constant scrutiny as just two months ago, Hangu Kwak (another Gag Concert comedian, pictured above) stole a Benz.

Comedian "K" was gambling at the Venetian in Macau, betting approximately $80,000 USD on a game of Baccarat. Which is also the reason why he was caught, as K had illegally smuggled $80,000 out of the country.

Gag Concert staff held a meeting with K and his entertainment company, and are deciding on whether to discontinue his show. The decision will be made around the 12th.

One of PD's of Gag Concert assume that the cause of this case is due to comedian's high incomes. These comedians, are not only making salary from Gag Concert, but also from Night Club Events after filming. Basically, they are bored and have nothing else to do.


LOL whoopsapparently, "Currency amounts of US $10,000 or more, or equivalent in foreign currencies ⇒ (meaning notes and coins of legal tender), must be reported on arrival or departure."

Tags: arrest, comedian / mc, crime, scandals

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