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China Line finally meets Zhang Liyin!

Zhang Liyin's Weibo Post:
I’m so happy to be able to guest in Zhoumi, Miss A’s Jia and Fei’s Idols’ True Colours today!! Thank you for taking care of me!! I’m really happy [laughing face] Especially today, it’s such a coincidence that the Prince of Ballads, Zhou Mi-Ge, and I wore the same Couple look!! Haha [thumbs up][thumbs up]


Zhoumi, Fei and Jia replied her with the following...

Zhoumi: Denim outfit, we have so much chemistry [laughing face]

Jia: Haha~ I’m finally able to meet ‘the-said’ you! You’re very cute, I’m looking forward for it to be released soon! ^^

Zhang Li Yin then replied Jia: Haha, and I’m also finally able to meet ‘the-said’ you! You’re really pretty in person, and you’re also very benevolent haha

Fei: Benevolent. You’re too cute~~ (in reply to Liyin)

Zhang Li Yin: Thank you! I wish your program will hit jackpot (do well)! [Kisses]

Source: Weibo, Chocolyn

GOT7 also filmed an episode, so Liyin's episode will probably come after GOT7's.
Tags: miss a, social media/youtube, zhou mi

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