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Got7 Social Media Update!

Thank you for today~ It was so fun and I was happy~><


Took this over Japan.


[he even commented on it]pitcher

From last night, but thanks to everyone for showin so much love!

Nora suddenly woke up from her sleep.. why did you put your tongue out?? Nora say: Surprise!

[Line Messages]

Hello everyone, it's Jr.!
Because I'm curious if our fans are doing good now, I sent a message!
I miss you!
Looks like our fans' face is all chubby now.. Kekeke
We should meet again soon!

This is Yugyeom, are you guys waiting for my voice? What are you doing now guys? I'm curious.
What I'm doing now? It's a secret! Hehe. Even if you curious, or busy, please keep thinking, supporting and give Got7 big love!

Hello everyone. It's Jackson. Have you eaten yet? I haven't yet.I want to eat spicy sausage stew, but my team keeps telling me not to... it's so... ugh...
Be strong / cheer up this afternoon too. If you are having a tough time, I'll tell you what to do. First off, look at my picture. My picture. Why? Because I am everyone's vitamin for life. Be strong / cheer up

Hello everyone! It's Got7's leader JB, thank you for adding us on Line. From now on we'll go together all the way till the end, you know that, right?

Hello, this is cutie BamBam. It’s gotten a lot warmer, I want to go on a picnic~ But is there anyone I can go with? Today’s Wednesday, the day Real GOT7 is posted. Please watch it, okay? If you don’t I’m going to get angry, for real! This has been BamBam.

[Guess who got Twitter]


[already has a twitter fail]noobmark
he deleted it right away tho lol

Delicious! Jjang jjang delicious! Eating time after Secret Meeting!
Everyone! you!
Thank you for your support!! love you!!

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