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Learning To Make Sweet White Day Dessert Together With 100%

If you haven’t prepare a White Day present, please pay attention to this article. We’ll reveal the detailed report of the dessert making process done by boy group which is as sweet as sugar, 100%. It’s not just making a simple candy or cookie as they were coached by the runner-up winner of Olive TV’s program ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity’, Park Jun Woo.

Both 100% and Park Jun Woo met each other for the first time at a cooking studio in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul to make a simple and yet special dessert. If it takes the members an hour to boil a pot of ramyun, it’s still not too late for them to make a dessert in the same period of time as they took out their notebooks and start learning. Looks like today’s dinner will be a romantic affair for two.

# Would you like a champagne jelly?

Park Jun Woo has prepared ‘champagne jelly’ and ‘wine filled pear’ as presents for this White Day. Although you might think it’s difficult to make these based on the names but they are simple recipes that you can try at home.

"I came up with these recipes when I was thinking what should I make in order to make it special and enjoyable by both parties. These are desserts which can be easily prepared by young couples who are in the same generation as the 100% members. All you need to do is just steep the gelatin n the champagne and let it melt. Soak the pear in wine, cut it up nicely and serve it after it’s boiled. Isn’t it easy?" (Park Jun Woo)

The 100% members first split themselves up into two teams, the vocal line and the rapper line. The 3 members in the vocal line team will be doing the ‘champagne jelly’ while the remaining 2 members in the rapper line team will be in charge of the ‘wine filled pear’ under the supervision of chef Park Jun Woo.

However, things did not go as plan in the beginning as the members were deeply engrossed in choosing which champagne to use when finally, Park Jun Woo chose and opened a bottle of champagne silently making the members excited.

"It’s important to open the bottle of champagne quietly as not to make the contents bubble up too much." (Park Jun Woo)

It’s the member’s job to pour the champagne into the pot and bring it to a boil on top of measuring 100g of sugar on the weighing scale. The members were surprised to see the huge amount of 100g sugar as they stirred in the sugar into the pot of boiling champagne.

"Won’t it smell like alcohol?" (Rokhyun)

Rokhyun asked as he took a taste of the champagne. Next is to cut up some lemons. Park Jun Woo took a lemon in his hand and rolled it on the chopping board, raising the curiosity of the members. Park Jun Woo explained, “You’ll get more lemon juice out if you roll it like this”. The members squeezed all of the lemon juice and added it into the pot of boiling champagne. Now it’s time to add the gelatin and turned the champagne into jelly.

"When do we add in the gelatin?" (Jonghwan)

"You can add it in now if you want the jelly to have a high alcohol content or you can add it later when the alcohol has evaporated after more boiling if you want it to be weaker." (Park Jun Woo)

The member immediately added the gelatin in. You have to soak the gelatin in water to make it soft before adding it in and it’s not recommended to use gelatin made from animal’s skin. The members were intrigued by this discovery and were excited to bring any leftovers back to their dormitory. For the record, 8 pieces of gelatin were added in this ‘champagne jelly’.

"Have all of the gelatin melted? Turn off the fire, let it cool down and that’s it. You can decorate it with pieces of raspberries, peaches or grapes. We’ll use raspberries and mint leaves." (Park Jun Woo)

The members were already reaching for the champagne before decorating the jelly while saying “It’s alright to do this” the whole time.

"It tastes like apple coated with honey!" (Hyukjin)

The members poured the champagne into glasses and placed them into the refrigerator after decorating them. An elegant dessert is completed if you prepared it an hour in advance. Park Jun Woo shared his how-knows by saying, “It doesn’t necessarily takes an hour to do this. You’ll have them ready in no time if you’ve made a few of these beforehand.”

# Splashing pears with red wain

100% started making the second dessert while the ‘champagne jelly’ is being left to cool in the refrigerator. Wait a minute, how did Park Jun Woo ended up being a food columnist?

"I watched the Master Chef TV series when I was in overseas and thought of joining it although I was an amateur at that time. In addition, the Korean version of Master Chef was harder than I expected. I learned to cook a lot when I was an exchange student in Belgium. I was previously a Humanities student but I’m working as a food columnist now and will be publishing an essay on gourmet soon." (Park Jun Woo)

The 100% members who are in charge of making the second dessert are the rapper line, Chanyong and Changbum. The first step of cutting the pears up wasn’t an easy task for the members whose cutting skills are unknown as they picked up the peeling knife and began to remove the skin.

"I’ve peeled garlic before but this is my first time peeling a pear. It’s easier than I thought." (Chanyong)

Park Jun Woo praised the members for their skills but the pear ended up smaller than their original size due to the members peeling too much of the skin off. Next, the members scooped up the flesh from the pears in round shapes with a spoon.

"You’ll look very sexy if you can scoop up the flesh nicely. You can use an ice-cream scoop or a knife but it won’t turn out to be as nice as this. Chanyong is doing a great job!" (Park Jun Woo)

Changbum’s fighting spirit was ignited upon hearing that as he used his strength to scoop up the flesh from his pear. The members continued scraping the flesh out of the pear when Park Jun Woo brought the red wine out and Rokhyun exclaimed happily, “I love red wine” when he saw it. He usually drinks a lot of red wine by himself in the dormitory after the dance practices. He asked if he could have an opener to open the red wine with a gloomy expression on his face.

"I don’t know how to uncork a bottle of wine. I’ll be groaning trying to pull the cork out of the bottle." (Rokhyun)

Park Jun Woo let the members smell the cork of the red wine bottle. He explained, “You can tell the quality of the wine from the scent of the cork.” Next, pour the whole bottle of red wine into a pot and add 150g of sugar. The members measured the sugar and poured it into the pot and bring it to a boil.

Park Jun Woo brought out black vanilla pods, the main ingredient of vanilla essence and show them to the members.

"I thought those were squid tentacles!" (Changbum)

"This is vanilla and can be easily purchased from the supermarket. It’s alright to omit this if you don’t have it. Cut the pods up, remove the seeds and drop them into the boiling pot of wine. They give off a nice fragrance. Then, add in the cut up pears and it’s done when the wine has been boiled down." (Park Jun Woo)

The members cried out “Looks like red bean soup” as they watched over the boiling pot in amazement. When the wine has been boiled down, the members were busy tasting the dessert as Changbum passed the spoon from one member to another saying, “It’s really delicious.” He was the one who decided to add the vanilla beans when the wine was boiling.

# Happy to spend White Day together with fans

The 100% members have no memorable White Days. Only Hyukjin who is from Busan has memories of eating his mother’s delicious food on this day. Unfortunately the members will be spending this year’s White Day at KBS Music Bank waiting room but all of them agree that they’re happy to be able to spend White Day standing on the stage in front of their fans on White Day.

"All of the members have different vocal strengths and we are able to show them this time around through our title track . We want the audience to watch our performance as well as listen to our live singing voices." (Rokhyun)

The title track is a song with the concept of taking a leaf out of the story of Frankenstein, displaying the human emotions of joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure. The main point of the powerful performance is the sad storyline as well as the main ‘rebirth’ dance showing the concept of revival. 100% is making their first comeback as a 5 members group after Minwoo’s enlistment and Sanghoon’s withdrawal.

"I want to win No. 1 with this album. I’ve read a lot of books and watched a lot of movies in order to portray the Frankenstein’s concept well this time around. Although it took us 9 months for the comeback, we’ve prepared well and we’ll do our best so I hope the fans will believe in us and look forward to it." (Chanyong)

"It’s almost *3 years now but it feels like a new debut for us. Please see us in a new light. This is an important comeback for us and we’ll do our best. Fighting.” (Rokhyun)

The 100% members are resolute in their determination and yet at the same time, they seemed to be at an ease as seen from their actions during the dessert making process. Gelatin is added into the remaining red wine to make jelly! The members stirred the gelatin well so that it doesn’t clumped up and Hyukjin who experienced cooking before said, “I’ve been praised that my cooking skills are like a professional chef.”

What’s left now is the last remaining step. The pears are taken out and served with a scoop of ice-cream on the side but things didn’t go as plan when Changbum scooped too little of the ice-cream and it melted before reaching the bowl.

"Don’t roll the spoon but instead scrape the ice-cream with the spoon. Chanyong is good in this." (Park Jun Woo)

Changbum gave up and ended up blaming the spoon for his lack of skills. Drizzle a bit of the left over red wine on top of the pear and it’s done. The members held up the completed ‘wine filled pears’ in their hands and smiled. At the same time, the vocal line retrieved their ‘champagne jelly’ from the refrigerator. The jellies weren’t set completely yet but the members tried them and found them to be delicious.

"It’s really interesting. These desserts are both bitter, from the alcohol and sweet at the same time which is good to catch a girl’s heart. The 100% members are idols but they look good too when they’re cooking." (Park Jun Woo)

Finally, both 100% members and Park Jun Woo had a group photo shoot after cleaning up the studio and in the end, it was indeed a heartwarming White Day site report.

*Note: Although it’s stated in the article that it has been almost 3 years since their debut, it’s actually only 1 year 6 months since their debut (21 September 2012)

The Real 100% White Day Kiss Mark Present

Dailymotion & Raw

Hyukjin / ‘I’m Alive’ (Busan dialect which can also mean I’m Awesome)

To those who are familiar with me being cute and adorable!

This is your first time seeing me like this isn’t it?

This is me, a guy who is constantly showing new charming points.

Changbum / ‘I’m going to catch and eat you’

I’ve wanted to put on heavy makeup and make a scary expression with the quiet, abandoned factory as the backdrop.

How is it?

Is our dance scary?

Chanyong / ‘Staring Battle’

I might be all chained up but my eyes are still alive.

Who wants to have a staring battle with me!

Jonghwan / ‘Mystical Blue Eyes’

Contrasting flaming red hair and icy blue eyes make my gaze seemed profound and mysterious doesn’t it?

You’ll only look at me in the eyes won’t you?!

Rokhyun / ‘Scary But Cute’

I deliberately wanted to look scary so I did my best in coming up with the scariest expression

But I don’t look scary at all ㅠㅠ

100% Mnet 24 Hours At The Filming Scene Of Beat Music Video


The Real 100% Beat First Broadcast Episode

Dailymotion & Raw

100% Emergency Escape No. 1 Cut


Enjoying Han River Date With 5 ‘Guys’ 100% (Interview)

A complete transformation. The idol group 100% debuted with a strong, manly image with ‘Bad Boy’ in 2012 but they’ve come back as 5 emotional, sexy guys after leader Minwoo’s enlistment and Sanghoon’s withdrawal. Filling up the empty spaces left by the 2 members, the other members of 100%, Rokhyun, Jonghwan, Chanyong, Changbum and Hyukjin have returned with their 2nd mini album "BANG the BUSH" featuring the members’ vocals and rapping skills as well as displaying their own unique musical colors through the title track "Beat".

The members put up an amazing performance on stage with the Frankenstein concept but off stage, the 100% members are as affectionate and warmhearted as any other young adults. We sat down in a cafe by the Han river for the interview as the members joked around with each other, laughed and joined in the conversations naturally, displaying their carefree nature, creating a heartwarming atmosphere. Join me as we unravel the interview with these 5 active, endorphin-like guys.

Q: You get to play basketball and cycle during this interview.

Changbum: I think it’s is our first time doing this since our trainee days.

Rokhyun: And to be able to go out under the sun!

Jonghwan: I didn’t know it feels so good to exercise after not doing it for a long time. Although I enjoy practicing because I like music but we’re always stuck in the practice room. To be able to feel the warm, bright sunshine like this washes away the troubles in my heart. I’ll have to recharge myself like this once a while. We’ve practiced too hard! How about if we practice outdoor? (laughs)

Q: Seems that you have changed your hairstyles.

Jonghwan: (pointing at his own hair) This is the most shocking.

Hyukjin: I’ve cut my bangs. (Slam Dunk) Hanamichi Sakuragi style?

Chanyong: Pineapple? (laughs)

Jonghwan: (pointing at Hyukjin) Even if he had his hair all set up, he can still sleep comfortably with the back of his head. The rest of us can’t sleep well since we’re worried messing up our hairstyles.

Q: Things have changed with you becoming a 5 members group after Minwoo’s enlistment and Sanghoon’s withdrawal. Please say a few uplifting ‘Eusha Eusha’ like words to the other members.

Jonghwan: (looking at Rokhyun) Hyung be a handsome hyung. Hyung is handsome.

Rokhyun: Eung, don’t be like that. (laughs) We’ve worked hard preparing this album and thus this is an important task for us. The members (Minwoo and Sanghoon) too give us a lot of support. The events that happened were not unexpected as we’ve talked about it for long time before. We’ve put in one hundred percent of 100% in this album so let’s Eusha Eusha as a group everyone!

Hyukjin: (playfully) You’re supposed to say only one line.

Rokhyun: (in an aegyo voice) I can’t (shorten) it.

Q: Looks like Rokhyun is shy so let’s start from Jonghwan instead.

Jonghwan: To Rokhyun-hyung? OK. (looking at Rokhyun) Hyung, Minwoo-hyung has enlisted hasn’t he? Therefore you have to be the hyung now. Although you are a quiet and modest person, I believe you can do it. You’ll do great as we go along. As for our 93-line (Chanyong, Changbum, Hyukjin), Changbum needs to cut down on his sleeping hours (Changbum: Ah, I got it!) and the both of you (Chanyong, Hyukjin) are doing well. Has Hyukjin reduced his food intake? (Hyukjin: Of course I have!)

Chanyong: This is for everyone. Although we have reduced from 7 to 5 members, I hope that we can work hard to fill up the gaps and move forward together. I hope that Rokhyun-hyung can be more active and not just standing still and behave well. I hope Hyukjin can cut back being so sensitive and less sleep for Changbum. Jonghwan-hyung is doing well as he is now.

Q: The members have a lot to say about Changbum’s sleep!

Changbum: I can’t control my sleepiness (laughs)

Q: Let’s hear from maknae (the youngest) Hyukjin.

Hyukjin: I want Rokhyun-hyung to be a manly guy. Actually I was really afraid of Rokhyun-hyung during our trainee days. He was like a trainer.

Jonghwan: (Rokhyun) was really amazing during our trainee days.

Changbum: (Rokhyun) has good vocal and dancing skills. But during practice, he’s like a leader, a man.

Rokhyun: Back then, all of us were trainees weren’t we? But we’re now colleagues and I don’t think I can treat you the same way that I treated you back then. As colleagues and a group member, I have to listen and respect your opinions too. I can’t just ignore everyone. I’m being reasonable and this is the kind of feedback that I get (laughs).

Chanyong: We know now!

Q: Let’s resolve the disputes you have here now.

Changbum: Rokhyun-hyung knew I was doing that on purpose! (Rokhyun: No I don’t!) (laughs) I’m glad and comfortable with Rokhyun-hyung, Jonghwan-hyung is doing well but he seems to distance himself sometimes. It doesn’t mean that he’s being left out but let’s say if we’re thinking about going towards A, he’ll be thinking about going towards B instead. It’s not a bad thing, just him being 4D. Chanyong is doing well by himself.

Q: Looks like Chanyong is receiving a lot of compliments.

Jonghwan: Hmm…what is Chanyong lacking in? (laughs)

Rokhyun: Everything’s good but he’s really nitpicky about the minor details.

Jonghwan: That’s right.

Q: For example?

Jonghwan: I know! Chanyong holds grudges, re~ally well. Euhahaha. I told Chanyong, “Do it like this~” and he replied (imitating Chanyong’s voice) “Um, ok, I understand.” but when I did the same mistakes, he can tell me off saying “Hyung, you said that…” and “Hyung, don’t do that~” but instead he said, “Hyung, you told me to do the same before didn’t you?” and I have no choice to reply, “Ah…uh…eung…I’m sorry”. (laughs)

Changbum: (Chanyong) is unexpectedly a timid person. (Chanyong: Ah, that’s right. I agree with that!) although he doesn’t look like it. (laughs) I hope Hyukjin reacts faster. It’s true that I sleep the most in the group but it’s Hyukjin who has the slow coach image. Wriggle wriggle.

Q: An hour has passed and we’re still doing this ‘Eusha Eusha’ thing. (laughs)

Everyone: Euhahahaha.

Changbum: No this means that we’ve spend an hour doing something meaningful. It has been an enjoyable time.

Hyukjin: I’m sensitive to a lot of things lately. (Changbum: You can’t sleep well too since we’re so busy) That’s why I got irritated easily. Although I’ve corrected my Busan dialect speech but I’ll accidentally say them out sometimes. I hope to be able to speak like a Seoul person without any dialect this year!

Changbum: This has turned into a game of Truth or Dare. Lastly (pointing to himself) I hope that Changbum is able to withstand sleepiness! (laughs)

Q: How about introducing yourself with “I’m OO” to those who don’t know 100% well?

(thinking for a moment)

Hyukjin: I’ll go first! I’m “An elder oppa on stage, A younger brother off stage” Hyukjin!

Changbum: I’m 100% “Visual Dancing Machine” Changbum!

Rokhyun: I’m called “Healing Vocal” Rokhyun!

Jonghwan: Ah…I can’t say this out myself, shriveling.

Chanyong: I’m 100% “Causing You To Go Crazy” Chanyong.

Changbum: (looking at Jonghwan) Hyung, just say it out. It’s the truth.

Jonghwan: Truth?

Changbum: Isn’t it the truth hyung? (laughs)

Chanyong: Just say he’s 23 years old.

Rokhyun: Oh! That sounds good!

Jonghwan: Should I go with my eyes? Kind eyes? Sparkling eyes? What other words to describe melting? (everyone is continuously laughing out loud) Wax dripping eyes? (Hyukjin: Wax isn’t solid is it? / Chanyong: Say cotton candy, cotton candy. / Rokhyun: Sorbet.) Candy eyes? (Changbum: Candy doesn’t fit in.)

Rokhyun: You’re good in talking about yourself.

Jonghwan: Shy eyes? Glowing eyes? Twinkling eyes?

Changbum: Hyung…just…say 100% “Eyes”.

Jonghwan: Deer eyes sounds good? Or just eyes sounds good?

Q: Haha. Deer eyes sounds good. But this has been said by other groups’ members before.

Everyone: Ah…that won’t do then.

Changbum: How about musk deer eyes?

Everyone: Euhahahaha.

Q: This question was meant to promote the members individually but somehow it turned out to be like this.

Jonghwan: Actually I’ve used “Bukka” (gentle charisma) before in the past but I just want to make one up.

Hyukjin: How about this hyung? Cute manly guy?

Jonghwan: No (with a cute expression) soft ice-cream?

Everyone: Owff

Jonghwan: I got it. I won’t use that.

Q: Let’s change topics. Let’s talk about title track "Beat" from your 2nd mini album .

Jonghwan: It’s a sad story of a man who longed for his loved one and is trapped in his memories.

Rokhyun: Both our debut song "Bad Boy" and "Want You Back" are done digitally but this time we went back using analogue for "Beat" with addition of stronger beats. And there’s the lyrics “Will we meet if I continue to go on?” and I’m unsure if it’s because I’m the one singing that phrase (laughs) but it’s sad. Walking alone uncertain if we’ll ever meet each other.

Q: Your hairstyles and visuals are kinda shocking. These strong concepts have been tried and used by other groups in the past. What do you think separates 100% from these groups?

Rokhyun: It’s true that many groups have tried and used strong concept before. We’ve used the Frankenstein concept for our comeback this time but what sets us apart is the harmony between the 3 vocalists (Rokhyun, Jonghwan, Hyukjin) with different distinct vocal sounds further accentuated by the rappers’ emotional rapping skills. Although many people have yet to associate us with this concept, I hope that they’ll remember that we’ve done this before.

Q: I remembered that Rokhyun once mentioned “I’m confident in the performance this time” in one of your Youtube videos and hearing you now, it seems that your confidence hasn’t disappear yet.

Rokhyun: After we’ve completed the recording for SBS ‘Inkigayo’ yesterday, there were fans who said “I know now why you’ve said that” in their twitter messages which is significant for me.

Q: I’ve was watching the making of your "Beat" music video while you were doing the photo shoot just now. The song is very lyrical and the dance is very…

Jonghwan: (cutting in) Sexy isn’t it?

Hyukjin: (showing the Heartbeat Dance)

Changbum: It’s called ‘Bouncing Heart Dance’, a dance portraying the heart bouncing (laughs) and is named such because it makes the hearts of both the audience and dancer bounce.

Jonghwan: ’My heart is beating. I’m racing towards where you are. I’m going back to when we meet’. The lyrics are not as sad as you think they are. I used to need to immerse myself into the lyrics to get the dance moves right but this time around, I naturally and instinctively got it right. The dance choreography is good~ like this.

Chanyong: Since we even went down on our knees, it looked like a sad dance move.

Q: We should just watch out for this main point of the dance for "Beat" called ‘Heartbeat’?

Jonghwan: 'Heartbeat Dance' and 'Rebirth Dance'. Reviving from the dead and deliver a 'Pak' stare at the audience. Is there a name for this move, Chanyong?

Changbum: There’s another main point of the dance which we haven’t given a name to it yet.

Jonghwan: We’ll let the public decide on the name! (laughs)

Q: There were a lot of dance movements using the lower half of the body in the previous songs but that doesn’t seem to be the same time around.

Jonghwan: The dance moves this time are mostly based on feelings.

Rokhyun: We moved our waists and necks a lot. That’s why we suffer a lot of waist and neck pains…

Changbum: I helped to massage the hyungs when they are in pain. Considering their age…

Everyone: (burst out laughing)

Q: The 3 members of the vocal line (Rokhyun, Jonghwan, Hyukjin) did not appear on ‘Immortal Song 2’ lately. I’ve watched the ‘Romantic Cats’ performance and it was really amazing. How long did you practice for that?

Rokhyun: We didn’t have much time for practice since we need to arrange the songs for the performance on ‘Immortal Song 2’ and because we received the arranged song late, we only had 4 days to practice.

Hyukjin: Originally we only had a day to practice.

Jonghwan: We practiced the night before for the taekwondo special song ‘Our Beautiful Country’.

Q: Looks like all of you can act well based on the ‘Romantic Cats’ performance.

Rokhyun: We learned acting before. (laughs)

Q: Are you attending any acting classes? Or you learned acting just for to prepare for that performance?

Changbum: We used to take acting classes together in the past but lately, only (pointing at Rokhyun, Chanyong) are the ones taking them.

Rokhyun: But acting is similar for (drama/movies) and musicals.

Hyukjin: Yang Hee Kyung has taught us a lot during the ‘Romantic Cats’ performance.

Q: I noticed that Rokhyun has delicate pose and expressions during the filming and I heard it’s the same for his taste in food, having a grandmother’s tastebuds.

Rokhyun: That’s right. (Changbum: Clean and cute personality!) I really like tteok (rice cakes) and food such as beans simmered in soy sauce and potatoes-based side dishes.

Jonghwan: The other members were eating tonkatsu (deep fried breaded cutlets) but he was eating pumpkin porridge and a roll of kimbap (rice rolls) by himself this morning.

Q: What about the other members?

Rokhyun: Changbum likes tonkatsu (deep fried breaded cutlets) and hamburgers

Changbum: Sounds delicious

Jonghwan: These two (Hyukjin, Changbum) have unhealthy eating habits, Chanyong is an average and I like healthy food. And this person is a grandmother!

Changbum: Jonghwan-hyung likes healthy food but he always eat hamburgers for supper.

Everyone: (laughs)

Q: Hamburgers! Do you watch your food intake and exercise?

Chanyong: We don’t exercise regularly, only when we have time.

Rokhyun: In order to build up our bodies, we were told to eat burgers since we can’t be too thin.

Jonghwan: We were too thin in the past so I ate a lot of hamburgers in order to build up our bodies.

Q: Your muscular bodies during "Want You Back" were amazing.

Rokhyun: We re~ally ate a lot.

Chanyong: Back then, we kept eating and exercising regularly for 4 whole months.

Q: There’s no need to expose yourself this time.

Rokhyun: A li~ttle.

Jonghwan: Expose as much as we’ve exercised. We exposed ourselves because we were confident with our bodies during "Want You Back". “Take off?” “OK!” but now “Ah…I can’t do it…” (laughs) We only do that when we have to. (in an insecure voice) Sleeveless? My abdomen has shrunk a lot and I’m trying hard to hide them.

Q: What kind of sports do you like?

Jonghwan: Pull-ups and parallel bars and long distance running. I like all kinds of sports that I can do. I like swimming too.

Chanyong: Football/Soccer

Rokhyun: Walking and jogging? (Chanyong: Grandmother~~ / Jonghwan: Jogging while eating tteok (rice cakes) (laughs)) I’ll only go out when I have something to do.

Changbum: I’ve joined the ‘FC Men’ football/soccer team for 4 months now. Although we’ve only practiced playing only once, I scored a goal with a hat-trick.

Jonghwan: Since when did you join them?

Changbum: At the end of last year when I was asking around for a football/soccer team.

Q: Sharing information among the members is a little…(smile)

Rokhyun: He told us!

Hyukjin: Hyung always forget about it. (laughs)

Changbum: This is an example of the ‘Jonghwan distance’ that I mentioned before.

Rokhyun: He’s not listening to us even if we’re in the same room.

Jonghwan: (clearing his throat) Hmm! Even if we are in the dormitory, I’m in my own world. (laughs) Only for me.

Q: Which member is sharing rooms with which member?

Jonghwan: I’m sharing a room with Rokhyun-hyung. Hyukjin and Changbum are sharing a room and Chanyong is alone.

Hyukjin: Chanyong’s room is the biggest since he used to share with Minwoo-hyung. And after Minwoo-hyung left to enlist, Chanyong has the room all by himself.

Rokhyun: It’s a double-decker/bunk bed but he’s using both now. When he’s lazy, he’ll sleep in the lower bed and when he’s not, he’ll sleep in the upper bed. Euhehehe.

Chanyong: Going back and forth.

Q: You must know a lot of the members’ habits and secrets.

Jonghwan: Of course but we obviously can’t reveal them. (laughs)

Q: Jonghwan is good in playing the guitar and has revealed self-composed songs such as and for the fans. Do you wish to compose more songs?

Jonghwan: I’m not that good in playing the guitar. Although I want to compose more songs, I’ll do that once our group has found a place/niche in the entertainment industry. It’s better for me to improve on my expressions and vocal skills with the time spent in composing.

Q: There are a lot of videos of Hyukjin singing during his schooling days at the vocal training academy on the internet.

Hyukjin: I somewhat feel embarrassed. I definitely will sing those songs better now. Because those memories live on through these videos, I will still carry those regrets with me.

Q: Chanyong and Changbum are the team’s rappers. If you were to rate and review each others raps?

Jonghwan: Oh, this is interesting. Can they criticize each other for real?

Changbum: I can’t criticize him. (laughs)

Chanyong: He’s good. Good with high tones and good in pronunciations.

Changbum: Actually we couldn’t find our tones during our trainee days. Unexpectedly I practiced with low tones and Chanyong practiced with high tones. When we practiced using Supreme Team’s songs, I’ll be singing Simon’s parts and Chanyong will be singing E-Sens’s parts but we exchanged our parts one day and found that to suit us better. Chanyong’s rap can be heard clearly now after he has found his tone. His unique echo-like voice is wonderful and he has a tone that will attract attention wherever he goes. (Everyone: (applause)) The rappers’ skills were allowed to develop and grow because the members of the vocal line are too good and we don’t want to lose to them.

Chanyong: Actually there’s a sentimental rap song that we’re prepared but unfortunately it was not included in this album.

Rokhyun: The vocal line has the song "Phone" included in this album so I hope that the rapper line will get to have their own rap song in the next album. We’ll only know that when the next album comes out.

Q: Let’s talk about the stories behind the songs.

Hyukjin: First of all, I like the title of the song "Beat" (laughs) I also like the song "You and I" depicting the confession of a man. This is the song which we revealed during our concert last year. The song "Superman" might not fit in the album concept based on the title but the contents of this song is similar to the song "You and I". The only difference is that "Superman" is more of a dream-like setting while "You and I" is a direct confession.

Q: Which song will you recommend to listen to besides the title track?

Chanyong: Definitely "Phone"! It’s a ballad song which is picked first to be included in the album.

Hyukjin: It sounds like a drama OST too.

Jonghwan: The lyrics is nice too. The chorus goes like this ‘I keep staring at the phone without putting it down and even if there are no messages coming through, in case you might call me’.

Hyukjin: The only regret we have is that our throats were not in the best conditions when we recorded this song.

Rokhyun: There’ll be a song that you have regrets in every album. My throat condition wasn’t good during too. We’ve finished recording and although we know that we could record these songs with better and clearer voices, it’s a pity we couldn’t do that.

Q: Finally, what do 100% plan to achieve through this album?

Rokhyun: 100% recognition. We really worked hard preparing and came out with a good, solid album so I hope that everyone will recognize us for certain.

Jonghwan: I want to hear people say, “These guys are really good at expressions.” because is a song that features a lot of expressions. I really want to hear that at least once.

Hyukjin: Not many people might know us since we took a long time to come back. That’s why we came back with a rookie’s mindset. I want to leave a deep ‘Pak’ impact on the audience. I’m happy when the staffs at the recordings told me, “That’s good. You guys are good.”

Changbum: I hope that our group’s recognition will increase and we can actively pursue our own individual activities.

Chanyong: I want to hear people say, “100% is still alive.” I thought we left a strong impression with our debut but things cooled down during "Want You Back". I hope that people will say “Ah, these guys are still around.” with this album.

Behind Stories Of 100% Photo Shoot ‘Power UP! Energy UP!’

10th March, 2:00 PM. The 100% members greeted me ‘Hello!’ excitedly at Jamwon Han River Park and after spending a few hours with them, their energy level didn’t drop at all. I gave them a basketball as a present and the members dashed to the nearby court, laughing innocently as they went after we’ve exchanged our greetings.

The members were waiting in the car before the photo shoot since they didn’t want to catch a cold before their comeback but it looks like those fears have flown out of the window now. A few of the members were seen enjoying themselves riding on skate boards while the rest were seen enjoying cycling on the bicycles, creating a scene that looks like a physical education class for students from a nearby school instead of the scene of a photo shoot session. These 5 active members raised everyone’s spirit UP with their cheerfulness and thanks to them, I was able to enjoy a laughter-filled interview too.

The first photo shoot scene featured Jonghwan, Chanyong and Hyukjin playing basketball. They were supposed to pose for the photographer while playing the game but it was clear what the members’ real intentions were. Soon after the photo shoot session was done, the members returned with the managers, rolling up their sleeves while smiling happily before battling it out on the court. I asked a company representative ‘Why are they so excited to play basketball?’ and he replied with a laugh, ‘Looks like they’re happy to come out and play after a long time. It’s my first time seeing them like that.”

Moving around the court actively like fishes being released into the sea, the members played a long game passing the ball around, scoring goals here and there. Both Jonghwan, who was wearing a white cardigan and Hyukjin, who was wearing a knitted sweater, stopped to remove them after they began to sweat and the game was resumed again.

Rokhyun and Changbum waited a long time for the earlier basketball team to finish their photo shoot before they can begin theirs. They could have left the photo shoot location and went elsewhere but instead, they spent the time enjoying themselves ringing the bell while riding on the bicycles around the basketball court non-stop. They looked like children enjoying themselves on outings with those cheerful smiles on their faces. When it was time for their photo shoot, the two of them were seen cycling around the Han River. After the group photo shoot was over, the photographer praised, “They’re really passionate and did better than I expected.” regarding working with the 100% members.

At the end of the day after the interview, I heard something that left a deep impression on me. The members initiated friendly conversations with the younger occupants sitting at the next tables and Rokhyun said to them words of encouragement, “Fighting” and gave them his unique smile before going off. The tteok (rice cakes) and red bean soup loving Rokhyun said, "Noona, if (we) did great, please treat us tteok (rice cakes)!" leaving everyone laughing.

Teen Top Bringing Gifts For 100% At 100% Showcase


OP: I feel kind of sorry for Teen Top here, fans were not exactly happy that they were there and I'm sure Teen Top were forced to visit 100%'s showcase. I don't think Top Media understands that 100%'s fans (including me) are extremely sick of having Teen Top's name surrounding 100%'s name. It's not the same situation as Lee Hyori helping out Spica nope Top Media are just using Teen Top's name. I just hope they stop sticking Teen Top to everything 100% related even though I'm thankful towards Teen Top I just kinda of don't see a reason why they were at the showcase in the first place. I do like when Top Brothers work together on shows like Immortal Song 2 though.

The Real 100% Beat Music Video Filming Location Episode

Dailymotion & Raw

100% With Abilities Beyond Idols "Beat"

There are many idol groups with amazing visuals and sounds being featured everyday but this group stood out among them. It’s a pity to call 100% (Rokhyun, Jonghwan, Hyukjin, Changbum, Chanyong) an ‘idol’ for their great skills. Having displayed a ‘complete package’ of strong vocal and synchronized dancing abilities since their debut, 100% has returned with a more matured image.

100% is well prepared for this comeback with the same passion and diligence for the album but as much as the changes that can be seen in the album, the members are looking forward to new results too.

The image teasers for the album received diverse reactions from the public. Using the ‘Frankenstein’ concept, the members managed to display their charming points as well as attract many attention and even received compliments from the directors at last week’s SBS ‘Inkigayo’ pre-recording session.

"Truthfully speaking, we’re worried of course but when we were performing on the stage, we heard exclamations of admiration here and there which were totally different from the normal expected reactions. We could feel that those were genuine reactions given to our performance and even the camera directors supported us by saying, ‘Make sure you’re here next week’ and ‘I’ll see you again next week’."

It was a successful comeback strategy of [Performance First, Album Later]. On 8th March, 100% vocal line, Rokhyun, Jonghwan and Hyukjin appeared on KBS 2TV ‘Immortal Song 2’ where they performed the song ‘Romantic Cat’ infused with scenes from a musical together with actress Yang Hee Kyung, gathering a lot of attention both online and offline. It was an opportunity for 100% to rise and shine after the audience discovered them as pearls hidden in the ground.

"It was a performance to show 100% vocals to the public. Many idols have taken part in this ‘Immortal Song 2’ program but it’s rare for idols to perform a musical on stage. We’ve done it, won the show through it, leaving deep impressions behind." (Rokhyun)

"We would like to enjoy the performance rather than taking our roles as contestants seriously. Since Yang Hee Kyung was there, I was thinking of going with the flow of events but my fighting spirit was ignited and if possible, I would like to secure a win too." (Hyukjin)

"The viewership rating for that episode was No. 1 wasn’t it? Therefore it’s good that more people saw us and our performance on the show." (Jonghwan)

*3 years has passed since 100% debut and the group went through some major changes recently. Leader Minwoo was enlisted on 4th March and will not be taking part in the group’s activities for the moment while member Sanghoon withdrew from the group after putting an end to his entertainment career, reducing the group from a crowded 7 members to 5 remaining members.

"Sanghoon has been thinking about that for a long time and has discussed it with the members many times. It’s a decision made for the sake of his future. He’s now traveling around by rail and keeps in touch with us throughout his travel. Even if he’s not a member of the group member, we are still friends with each other."

The 100% members were worried about their long absence for a rookie group. Although the unit group, 100% V (Rokhyun, Hyukjin, Jonghwan and Chanyong) were active during the cold winter months, both the fans and the members were yearning for a come back as a whole group.

"Just like the title track "Beat" we want to show everyone that 100% is still alive. It’s true that we received raving support during our "Bad Boy" debut but it cooled down during "Want You Back". As high as our expectations, the disappoint and shock were high as well. We worked hard in preparing for this album and really want to let everyone know and feel that ‘we’re still alive’."

Armed with both confidence and abilities, 100% made a promise to have a date with fans at the amusement park and transformed into barristers and serve coffees to fans if they get to win No. 1 with this album. Just like what they’ve said, it feels good to be able to imagine being served coffee by the members themselves.

*Note: Although it’s stated that the 3 years has passed since 100% debut but actually, it has only been 1 year 6 months since their debut (21 September 2012).

A special shoutout to Shiroirukaze/100perSubs who has been subbing every single video and bunch of articles daily 'til 3am!! I skipped A LOT of articles and videos so just visit her blog!!

I just want to add that Top Media announced that we will get a special video when we reach 1 million views on "Beat" MV... the thing is we Perfection kind of need help since korean Perfection are busy streaming 100% songs on melon etc. and international Perfection fanbase isn't as big as it used to be."Want U Back" hasn't even reached 1 million views yet ;_;

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Sources: Osen + 100PerSubs + Music Daum + Ten Asia (2) + BaekN

Translation/Via: Shiroirukaze
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