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Ga in releases teaser for new single 'A Tempo'

Singer Ga In, of the Brown Eyed Girls, has revealed a new single, “A Tempo.” The previously unreleased single aims to express the feelings of a shy person who wishes to experience the excitement of love.

“A Tempo” was originally included as an instrumental track on Ga In’s third mini-album, “Truth or Dare,” released earlier in February.

Ga In’s agency, APOP Entertainment, has uploaded a short video teaser ahead of the single’s release. The video gives us a taste of what “A Tempo” sounds like, slow, whimsical, romantic, and shows Ga In working on the song in the studio.

“A Tempo” refers to a return to the original tempo, and features the magnificent and beautiful sounds of string instruments backed by a full orchestra. The song was written and composed by G.Gorilla, who has previously worked on Brown Eyed Girls’ “Drunk on Sleep” and “Cleansing Cream,” and IU’s “Between the Lips (50cm)” and “Obliviate.”

Ga In’s “A Tempo” will be available from March 21 through online music portals.

source: soompi + APOP ent
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