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2NE1’s CL Feels Good to Be Compared to SNSD


2NE1 brought up the fact that it’s frequently being compared to Girls’ Generation (SNSD).

During recent filming for KBS 2TV’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, 2NE1 shared its thoughts on facing competition with SNSD.

CL said, “We already knew that the album release dates would be similar, but it was coincidence that our comeback dates overlapped. There have been many reports and interview questions comparing the two teams, since we’re promoting at the same time, but it feels good to be compared to SNSD, because SNSD is our senior group by two years.”

The 2NE1 member also added, “Not many girl groups can carry on their activities, but it’s cool to see SNSD promoting for a long time, and I think there are things I can learn from them.”

About including her self-composed songs in the album for the first time, CL said, “Until now, I didn’t want to write songs.”

CL confessed that she was afraid to lose her fantasy in music by learning too much about it, so she left room for the unknown sides of music.

But during the gap period, CL began writing things she wanted to say in English out of frustration she felt, and upon seeing her lyrics, CEO Yang Hyun Suk suggested that she translate them into Korean to include them in the upcoming album.

CL also revealed, unlike her fears, she came to love music more after that experience. The other 2NE1 members also praised CL by saying that she was able to write and distribute the parts to members well, because she was very familiar with each member’s voice and style.

Photo credit: KBS

Source: mwave
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