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Apink releases "Pink Blossom" album jacket image

A Pink has officially released their “Pink Blossom” album jacket image after it was mistakenly revealed, according to its agency. The plan was to unveil the image on March 31, the date of the album release, but an employee of the album production company accidentally leaked the image today, forcing A Cube Entertainment’s hand.

In addition to release new individual teaser photos earlier, A Pink has also provided new details on their upcoming album.

Titled “Pink Blossom,” A Pink’s fourth mini album will contain six tracks that continue to convey the group’s signature style of innocence and bright energy while showing the group’s transition into a more mature style. A Cube Entertainment commented, “We named the album “Pink Blossom’ to convey A Pink’s lovely and innocent image, as well as the spring atmosphere.”

The title track is “Mr.Chu,” and it is produced by hit-maker Duble Sidekick. The track is described as a pop dance track that portrays the nervousness and excitement of one’s first kiss.

Pre-order for “Pink Blossom” starts March 20 through online music stores.

source: soompi

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