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Tablo for Harper's Bazaar "why don't you...?"

Why Don't You...? by Tablo

Hip hop group Epik High's leader and the man who has recently been referred to with the nickname "Haru's dad", Tablo, tells us a few ways to welcome the new year.

"Don't try to think about everything in this world too seriously or keenly. The things written on SNS are no different with graffitis written on places like bathrooms or street stalls, so instead of expecting something from there it's better to enjoy it as it is."

"If you want to become closer with your child, instead of being an authoritative dad, try becoming a friend. While recording , spending 48 hours like friends with my daughter Haru while her mom is away, I've noticed our relationship is much closer and deeper than before. Even though she is my daughter, sometimes I feel like she's a same-aged friend or a younger sibling."

"When you're tired or sad, how about listening to sad music instead? Sometimes sad music can become a warm comfort, too. That's why when I feel depressed I turn on Lee Sora's album."

"Instead of when everything is abundant and happy, you can only find out what's truly important to you when you face the danger of losing your life. Likewise, when you lose everything and have nothing to lean on, that's also when new ideas will come to you."

"I like connecting with people by conveying to them things I've felt and thought about deeply. Right now the tool I've chosen to do this is music, but some day it might be carrying a camera and taking pictures or holding a pen and writing a book. No matter what medium I choose, I can't give up on the fundamental idea of sharing something with other people."

"If you don't want to waste a single moment, when watching a movie or eating dinner, even when you're drinking coffee, be meticulous. As it is a time you gained by sacrificing something else, you can't look at it roughly and just eat anything."

"Don't try to match your life with the measurements of the world. Even when I turn 80, I'm going to find whichever color Converses I want and wear them, choose clothes I like, eat what I want and watch cartoon movies kids like with the same heart as them. Don't put down all of the things you eat, drink, listen to, wear and spit out."

"Find your very own restaurant instead of a high class restaurant that anyone knows. 'Booyoung Doganitang' in Seongbok-dong is small and shabby, but you can taste the doganitang and sliced radish kimchi handmade by the grandmother for the last 40 years. More than anything, it's nice to hear stories about the people the grandmother has met over dozens of years."

"If you are looking for a street stall that has appetizers that are a bit different, I recommend 'Philosophy' in Itaewon. It looks like a small street stall, but you can try French food there, so I end up going there often."

"If you want to listen to good music, keep your ears open everywhere you go. If you go to a small clothing store on the roadside, fitting to the space there will be indie or hip hop playing, and if you go to a high end boutique, there will be lounge music. Now find yourself a new space where music flows."

original Harper's Bazaar untranslated interview source [x]
Icarus Walks's translated interview source [x] [translated by :]
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