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Sung Si-Kyung to Participate in New Talk Show

Sung Si-Kyung will be one of the MCs for an upcoming KBS2 “Spokesman” talk show. He said there will not be 19+ rated content nor malicious remarks in this program. The 4 MCs will represent the public and discuss/debate on social issues. The first episode will be aired on 1st April KBS2 8.55pm Korea Time.

sources: Lilac Dreams International Fansite 1 & 2, JTBC Entertainment YT channel
Does Kim Gura really have to participate in every single talk show that involves sensitive subjects/supposedly honesty from the participants? Idek want to know his opinion. -,- Good opportunity for SSK though, and I'm looking forward to his arguments even though I have a feeling like I wouldn't necessarily agree with them. I just hope KBS will release the subbed version of this on their YT channel but Idk if they will do it.
Tags: singer, tv shows

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