uguukawaii (uguukawaii) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

ga in - a tempo mv

Gain's undisclosed single [A Tempo] is out!
A delicate and warm melody like spring that will bring back the ordinary speed from fast moving days

'A tempo' is composed and written by G. Gorilla who made 'Drunk on sleep' and 'Cleansing Cream' for Brown Eyed Girls. This is the first big band ballad that Gain is trying out. She is known for being sexy, but this time she shows an innocent and sweet voice. Also, the full orchestration made by the string instruments gives a grand and beautiful melody to make a great mix. The theme symbol 'A Tempo' shows the fluttering heart of a person who wants to feel love as it is.

source: 1thek
Tags: ga in

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