Mandy (: (xiuminz) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
Mandy (:

Queen of China might be joining RM Chinese Ver.

It was confirmed that there will be "Running Man" Chinese version and the show will be broadcast in the fourth quarter of this year.

The Chinese version will much likely the same as the Korean version, in which it will also has a fixed cast and there will be famous guests to be invited on the show. The filming places will be all landmarks in major cities in China.

Currently Jackie Chan's son - Jaycee Chan is confirmed to be one of the fixed cast members, actor Huangbo and f(x)'s Victoria are consider to join the show. Especially if Victoria decides to join, her role will be like Song Ji Hyo as she will be the only female member.

A representative said,"For the Chinese version of "Running Man", we will co-operate with the production team from SBS. You can expect it to have the same atmosphere as the original show"

Source : dkpopnews
Tags: f(x), victoria

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