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Cross Gene's Takuya and Shin walking at Seoul Fashion Week + possible comeback??

(at ~:42-1:20, ~4:00-4:43, & 9:33)

the official Cross Gene twitter even tweeted it~

Casper MC'ed on JJANG China in January, and mentioned a Cross Gene comeback for this year! At ~2:44.

CROSS GENE working on their 2014 comeback

"Cross Gene, six member multinational boy band based in Korea consisting of South Korean Sangmin, Yongseok, Shin and [Seyoung], Chinese Casper and Japanese Takuya, are going to make their comeback soon.

On the boy band’s official Facebook page appeared message both in Japanese and Korean announcing the re-launch of their official Naver fan café, continuous preparations of their comeback and the group’s new look."

[+ have a cute video of them in Hong Kong]

source: DongA TV, SUBZERO, love-kpop, CROSS GENE

i hope official news comes out soon. ;n; and if you guys didn't know, they've been in japan! and if you don't remember them at all, they're the ladi dadi dudes.

Tags: cross gene, fashion show, nugu

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