sparkskey (sparkskey) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

G-Dragon's me2day updates

11/08/09 updates
Did you sleep well? I'm still working hard filming my music video. This picture is of a really pretty rainbow in Japan. Hehe. Anyway, good night ^^ Ah, you know that I'll be revealing the title song today, right? So please wait till then ^^ Hehe


Everyone, I'm finally done filming my music video! I worked really hard filming it T. It's raining. Remember to bring an umbrella and I'll see you later today on D-Day. I will be sleeping for a while. Bye ^^

Ah, I can't keep doing this. Counting down to the release of the title song. Enjoy

The style I'm most confident of? How is it? Like it? Heartbrekker (T/N: G_D you can't spell T_T)
<someone please rip the song>

Translated by: Sparkskey

Tags: big bang, g-dragon

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