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SJ Donghae & Rainbow's Jaekyung casted for God's Quiz Season 4!

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Super Junior’s Donghae and Rainbow‘s Jaekyung have signed on to cable network OCN drama “God’s Quiz Season 4,” which premieres on May 18.

Their addition is expected to invigorate the series with a fresh layer of interactions with genius medical examiner, Han Jin Woo (Ryu Duk Hwan), and the rest of the main cast.

Donghae will play Han Si Woo, elite rookie joining the forensic medicine lab at the Hanguk University Hospital, dealing with strange cases related to rare diseases. Han Si Woo is a Hanguk University medical school graduate who joins the forensic medicine lab right after taking the state examination. He boasts a clean-cut, handsome appearance, and is a diligent and cheerful character. To top that off, he’s also an ardent fan of Han Jin Woo and has read all of his papers and works.

Jaekyung will play Im Tae Kyung, a talented researcher directly scouted by the head of the lab, Jo Young Shil (Park Joon Myun). Tae Kyung has a rather unique background as a former sexy idol girl group member, and draws attention for her distinctive looks, attire and her way of speaking. She was brought onto the team for her outstanding ability in the field of anatomic pathology and pharmacology.

“God’s Quiz” is a drama in which the elite doctors at the Hanguk University forensic lab solve mysterious deaths and cases revolving around rare diseases. The series became the first medical forensic drama to air in 2010, and is now entering its fourth season.

“God’s Quiz Season 4” will air every Sunday at 11:00 PM KST on OCN beginning on May 18.

Who’s excited?

Donghae and Jaekyung's characters will be love interests if I'm not wrong. Happy for Donghae, but he's really got a lot on his plate nowadays!
Source: soompi
Original articles: naver, sportsdonga.
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